Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap...

I uploaded some more pics from my friend Kel...Thanks!

The weekend was really nice and fun to take a break with the kids and spend some "family" time with the ones I care for most! These pics are in no ramdom is myself with my cutest niece Dani...she is so adorable!
Bella and Dani playing together...cute!

Ray is carving the turkey...go babe!!

Here are the boys in our ward playing the annual Turkey 8 in the morning!!

Colton is making his mashed potatoes...they were soo yummy!Cambrie is setting up the table...later she helped make the whipping cream..R.J. is making the green bean casserole, notice NO SHIRT...GEESHH!Here is my sis Lisa and I! Don't we look alike?! Lots of people say we are twins, really though we are only 14 mos. apart..!!lol Kellee and I....oh good no dodgers...(I know you're laughin kel..!)

Here is a pic of Ray's traditional puddin' was so good!

Look at all the food...I was stuffed, and here it is Monday STILL stuffed!!

Here's a pic of my was PERFECT!!

I decided the kid's table would be simple so the girls helped me put this together and the kids wrote what they were thankful for...really cute!

It was a fun time...we also did our traditional candle lighting, where everyone has a candle and someone starts off saying what they are thankful for they then light the next person's was super sweet and neat to hear the kids especially say what they were thankful for..!

GOOD TIMES!! Thanks everyone for coming over and having a wonderful you all!!


Kellee Johnston said...

Hi, great photos, not diggin on the picture of me, but you look great. Thanks again for an awesome turkey day, a great "family" day. Also just sent you some photos of the day as well. bye' kj

ps also, the christmas decorations-beautiful!

Kaycee said...

Fun times with family! Love it :)
You and your sister definitely look alike!!