Friday, December 19, 2008

and the stockings were hung....

These are the kids stockings, actually they have been up all month...hoping that I would find the time to make Bella's.....haven't yet. But over at tipjunkie she has some tutorials that I am going to try to do. Luckily I bought a couple tablecloths that match all my christmas decor and tree a few years back in case I needed the fabric for something..gosh I'm so glad that I am so Smart...I think I'm funny!

Santa, help I need a new camera.....(canon..hinthint!)


Dahly Mama said...

I LOVE your stockings! And the glitterized letters!! I think Jodi has almost gotten me coverted to glittering! I actually went and bought some black Martha Stewart glitter! Now I just need to do it!!! (That seems to be the part I get hung up on!!)

Jacqueline said...


Thank you for the brilliant Christmas card - it is creative, fun and stylish like its creator.
Jacqui P.

Tip Junkie said...

Your tree is one of the finalists in the Tip Junkie Christmas Tree Contest.

Be sure to ask your readers to vote for you. {{wink}}