Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{HaLLoWeEn 2010}...!

I love Halloween...seriously it is one of my favorite holidays that I just can't get enough of. I love to deck my kids out for the holiday except Colton wasn't havin it this year :( but I did talk him into wearing the bead necklaces with the spiders on it..lol!

Cute lil' headband that Sabrina made for Cambrie....too cute!
and of course made the shirt...it was so fun to do, and to get the coordinating fabrics...Sabrina made the necklace and earrings for her...

I am sooo glad I have at least 3 more years of elementary age with Cambrie so I can play and dress her all up.....I love you girl!!
I am not sure why these are soo small...weird...but this one of Sabrina is at the Ward Trunk r treat...so fun...she went as an angel this year! and yes I made everything except the wings...

Cute Bells as Snow White.....

I was so proud of myself for making her top.....had no pattern and just made it up as I went along...it came out really cute!

Colton is a ninja dude....:) no did not make his...lol

Rj had a party to go to and so he went as a In N Out Burger Employee....fun!

And my Guns is a cuddly lil lion...no did not make..lol...he did not like wearing this thing it was too hot...:(

Cambrie as a Bumble Bee....I made her whole costume....the wings and bobby things on her head (forget what those are called..lol) are from Bells costume a couple of years ago so that was easy.....and just took a black shirt and added the ruffly strips for stripes..so cute!

Love this girl!

Sabrina as an Angel...made her costume, and just added the ruffles on her white leatard, but bought the wings and it came with the halo that we added the boa to from what we had left over from her tutu skirt...this costume was so fun to do....

We had a blast this year and can't for next year...the kids already know what they want to be....so funny!