Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lunch box {Valentine Notes}....!

I love to make my kids' lunches fun by putting cute notes inside....and since it's close to {{Valentine's day}} I have been looking for some cute valentine notes and wanted to post them for you and future favorite of all is this cootie catcher valentine...the kids can cut this and fold them and use them with thier this idea!! I will be posting more as I find them..!
I love this site she has a compialation of some really cute printables and ideas....!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another BoW HoLdEr..!

I finally got around to making the girl's bow holder except I think I may have to make it bigger..they are flower bow crazy right now!! This is I know simple and easy, just use fabric on a canvas and ribbon strips to hold the bows and hot glue it all......!

Friday, January 15, 2010

{Getting ready for Valentine's Day....!}

I was on one of my favorite "crafty" sites (sorry, had the wrong url...ugg)and she had this fun tutorial on how to make these really cute topiarys and balls so I took the was a little time consuming cutting out all the circles but then was easy after that......I of course love the tulle wreath and decided to hang this cute ball in the middle...I love is so valentin-y!

I am also totally excited to say that I am being featured on today!! I love her blog and apparently she loves go check her out when you can!!!!

New Year's CeLeBrAtIoN...!

We went out to eat at Chili's for dinner and then went to the stake center where a friend of ours has her annual New Years Party and dance until about 11:30. The kids always enjoy going to that because its all the teens dancin away and they CAN Dance..! After that we came home to watch the New York ball drop and had our sparklin champaigne...(apple cider) some friends of ours heard us doing some firecrackers and they brought over what they had....we were probably soo loud but thank goodness the cops weren't called on us..!! We had a great time...for FHE the following Monday we talked about our family new year resolutions...and one of them was to definetly do San Diego beach again...go figure..!

Cute Bells with her lil' cup....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

{ChRiStMaS in Disneyland.....!}

Well now that the holidays are over and kids are back at school....I can finally update this blog!HA! The holidays were amazing and we had sooo much fun this year! We decided to go to Disneyland with the kids for christmas and gave the kids a present from us, and then a present from the family gift exchange....Disney was from! We stayed at the Hilton Suites and took a shuttle bus each day after eating an amazing breakfast served to us at the hotel which is the best way to go, it was included in our package. We were able to do all that we wanted it wasn't crazy until Christmas day at Disneyland, but it was good because we saved the last night to get all the souvenirs, we also went to Build a Bear and it was Bells first time! She loved to see all the princesses, there are ton more pics but didn't want to

Bells got this frog and of course dressed it up with a tinkerbell cute!
Of course Dad won the kids A TON of those stuffed animals in California it while you are there, but hate taking them!
Funny..! This is the only pic of all of us..and Kell's eyes are closed and I've got the spotlight on my the guy was rude who took the pic...geesh..ohwell!
Christmas morning Bells opening one of her gifts...!

Love to see the princesses...they are soooo unbeleivably real looking..

I think Bells is in AWWW...Cute!

This was at the hotel waiting for the shuttle to come..

Seriously such nice weather....yeah!!

This Christmas tree is huge...and night they dropped snow on Main st. it was soo awesome the kids loved that!

We had such an amazing time was perfect!