Friday, January 30, 2009

Go CaRdInALs...!!and a glittered project...!!

Today the kids at thier school had "sports" day in honor of our awesome Cardinals going to the Super Bowl...WHEW HEW..! Do I sound like a die hard fan?? Oh come on! Actually it's my husband and two boys who are!! Not really my thang!!
But got the girls these shirts and of course they were just too plain for lil' old me so I blinged them out....but the real fun was getting creative on it because we all know this bird is like huge! and to bling the whole thing would be crazy money and alot of time, which I have neither, SO
I tested a small piece of fabric got out a small paint brush and my E-6000, brushed on the glue and then used my red glitter....YES GLITTER! tapped it, let it dry and then ran it under water, rubbed it, tugged at it, scraped it just to see if the glitter would come off...YEAH it didn't! Could you just imagine how excited I was???
I AM GOING TO GLITTER EVERYTHING!! (fabric that is...heehee)

forgot to mention I did not go to that cute boutique....didn't have time....! but a friend did and her cardinal shirts looked cute!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zebra BLiNg...!

Yesterday I went to this lil' boutique everyone is talkin about....Polka Dot Skull....and oh so cute stuff is in there! I picked up this peace sign charm and made this necklace! I decided to make Bella a bracelet too.. she is at that stage now where I have to take her bracelets off her when I lay her down for naps, otherwise she tries to take them off. However, the girl is trained during the day not to take them!

Anyhow at this place you can bring ANY shirt to them and they bling it out for you for $15 bucks!! I plan on taking a cardinals jersey and a hat there for them to bling out...FUN!! You should see thier cute dog collars...OMGoodness!! and they have a ton of zebra print stuff...!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Strawberry Madness..!

Ok so I went to the farmer's market again today, and happened to be there at the right time because they had strawberries 2 pounders for $2.00! I know not really that big a deal...but these strawberries are huge and beautiful...and so super sweet and juicy!! So I got me a whole bunch to freeze!

I thought it would be a nice treat for the families that Ray and R.J. hometeach to give them this sweet display of yummi-ness!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wipee Case revamped.....!

Okay so was on the phone talking to my friend...and putting together this cutie..!
It turned out cuter than I thought, not having my full attention on the thing!! I am sure Sabrina and Cambrie will approve!!lol!
Sorry lil' nemo...but you are gonna have to go......

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting ready for Valentine's...!

These are some cute valentine ideas I had in my files.....
Cute Valentine Countdown on a cookie sheet...I would probably do mine a litte more brighter and funkier with lots of embellishments..but you get the idea..!
This is off of Heather Bailey's site..LOVE HER! She has a pattern you can download too..

This is really cute...
A more masculine card for your hunie...! OOHHHH Glitter..heehee

I really like all the little details to this card...!

Cute lil' teacher valentine...I already have this paper too...

This is super cute, the tickets open up and have "Be my sweet love..."on the inside. This one I will probably do for my card!

very cute valentine bouqet....

I love these banners too.....This one is too lite with the letters, I probably would do mine darker..already got the paper for mine and will do it next week sometime! Over at Scrapbooks they have a super cute one! BTW got this glue ink pad that I can use for my letter stamps and then glitter excited to use glitter!

Okay this one I dig...get it "dig" Cambrie will do this one for the "boy" valentines for her class. Now I have to find the little shovels....individually hopefully!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Food Storage...dehydration style..!

I love to dehydrate all my herbs so I have them handy when I can't just use fresh..which of course being fresh I would definetly use first. But I have to say this comes second when it comes to flavor! Actually you usually have to use more of the fresh herb than the dehydrated to get a good taste..don't know why though!
Funny story...Ray and I got this little friend for our wedding...and we were both like....UM OKAY!! but somehow through 13 years of marriage, 7 moves, an apartment fire in which we lost everything if not due to the smoke damage...we have managed to save this baby! I guess Heavenly Father knew I would someday make it a part of my!!
We have done everything in favorite is of course the beef jerky and banana chips...which Bella loves!! So if anyone has some good recipes..PLEASE pass them on!!I took a trip to Superstition Market today for all my fruits and vegies...they had parsley for 5 bunches for 1.00...can't beat that I kept one fresh one and dehydrated the rest!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Visiting Teaching Organization...!

My friend Jody and I decided that this new year we would get together and put these Visiting Teaching kits together.....It's sooo funny because she was like ...I totally had a dream about these kits and what we could do for the next couple of of course they are all super cute!!..I actually got new sisters to visit too starting this month so I am excited to get to know these ladies on a more personal level!!
I think with this new year...this quote from Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley was just simply be "Better" in all we do....LOVE THAT!!

So this kit is using a cd jewel case. The visiting teaching message is typed up front and back, then we are including a recipe as well every month!

We wanted our ladies to be able to put up the message on the fridge so we made these cute magnets that have a big clip on them from the dollar store....

Inside the cd case Jody made these cute calendars to go with the "New Year" theme so that they could flip the case inside out and be able to switch out the months....FUN!!

Next month we are planning on doing cute cardboard mailboxes from Walmart and making a Valentine themed kit....Every month however will be different.
We also decided we would make ourselves one was fun putting something together for these great ladies and can't wait to get to know them a little bit better!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Babysitting Kit for the Beehives....

I searched for some stuff or at least a cute idea about these babysitting kits for the YW...and found absolutely NOTHING!! I couldn't believe I decided that I would at least post some pics of what I was able to put together..not exactly everything I wanted to do..because our YW budget is not as big as last years, so we as a presidency need to I came up with these folders from good ole' Walmart, did my cute labels and included all of these checklists,songs and activities and ideas for the girls. I also asked my class presidency to each bring something to add to the kit. They all did such a great job at getting thier stuff!! Also my advisor is a preschool teacher and brought the cute stick animals and stickers for the girls...AWESOME!!
I included "A good Babysitter" a list of things that every mom loves knowing that her children are played with, not ignored, fed well and put to bed on time and asleep when she gets home, not to mention a CLEAN! On the other side is "The Shoe Fairy" the kids get to put a pair of shoes by thier door, and if they were good the shoe fairy comes to leave a surprise in thier shoe! I included a list of easy cheap kids loved this when our babysitter did this and it worked!!

I put in a Safety Checklist and a Babysitter Info sheet to have one of the parents fill out. She will know more of what is expected from the parent and where and when they will be home, also if for some reason thier is an emergency, numbers and all that good stuff...

This is the Shoe fairy the babysitter can leave notes for the kids, and the other is the Babysitter Report for her to fill out before she goes home so the parents can see what they did and how things went while they were away. Some of the girls were even wanting to put together a behavior sheet, laminate it and then use a dry erase marker...CUTE & SO CREATIVE!!
These are what the girls brought with them tonight...aren't they awesome...loving the "Don't Eat Pete" Game included with the M&M' organized!! We had a blast...I love these girls!!

Bow Organization...!

Bella has seriously accumalated a ton of bows and she needed something big enough to hold ALL of them! I got a framed cork board at Target and used my spray adhesive, stuck some cute coordinating paper on it, (actually in this pic, the paper looks kinda pink but actually is red!) used some black furniture tacks and voila! A super cute bow holder!! I noticed I haven't even put all her bows on yet...! Can ya guess what color her room is...yep black and red...with damask, zebra and toile prints..LOVE IT!
I am so into big huge flowers, actually have been for awhile...maybe because they also look really cute on her hats..!
Gotta love pink and brown..!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Primary Organization....

In our Primary the kids are challenged to memorize the scripture for that month, if they succeed they get a prize...My kids love this so when I was in primary I started to print off the scriptures ( for thier church binders(I will post about these soon!) so they could look over them during sacrament. I also put them on our pantry door so that they will always be there for them to look at..and so mom knows whats going on. I also try my best to do FHE around the primary theme for the month as well. Also you can see in the pic that I have an organizing chart for school...thanks to I found her several years ago and love all of her organization ideas..she is a genious and plus has printables CUTE printables I might add to use for yourself! Each child (in grade school) has the responsibility to look at thier class newsletter and arrange the velcro pics to the right day...this consists of what kind of lunch they are or cold(this makes them look at the lunch calendar ahead of time) if they have P.E., art, library, computer,scouts, act.days, baseball ect. I have added a few to fit the needs of my kids that she didn't have. This has really taught my kids responsibility and the girls know especially if they have to wear tennies or not....a huge drama topic in our house!! This really works for us! It also has friend time that they can choose two days out of the week, that is available to play with their more asking mom every single day!! WHEW!! Anyhow thought I would share this..!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting organized.....

Well I finally got my YW's binder cleaned out, got a new binder with a new look to go with the new 2009 theme..! I am always excited to start a new year...that means organize and clean, and clear out clutter around and in my life!! They added a new value to YW....Virtue! This is so actually have a value that really emphasizes to save your virginity until marriage! This is so important for girls to know that this is so important...that to be able to do this will help in so many ways to resist temptation in other areas, to gain a true testimony and to really know that they are Daughters of God! I heard that on Sunday the Stake YW presidency gave a really great lesson on Virtue to introduce it to the girls...using gumballs!

The leader had a girl come up and explained that virtue is like this gumball shiny, bright, colorful and whole....she told the young girl to just suck on it for a second and then take it out of her mouth to show everyone what happened from doing that. The gumball was not colorful or shiny anymore but dull...just like when you start to make out or kiss heavely with a boy. Next she had another girl come up...she told her to suck on it and take a bite out of the piece of gum, and then take it out of her mouth....again the leader explained the gumball was not colorful, shiny and now was not whole.....just like when you start to fondle and touch a boy or let a boy do these things to you that more and more your spirit and self esteem is taken away a little at a time. Then she had another girl come up she told her to chew the gumball completely and take it out of her mouth to show everyone...this was actually "going all the way" having sex before you are married. What examples of this gumball would thier "future" eternal husband chews? He would chews the gumball that was not touched, shiny, colorful bright and whole! They then handed out gumballs for a cute handout! I LOVE THIS ANALOGY!!!! I am greatful for this new value and know that Heavenly Father must know that our girls are extremely tempted everyday through Satan....I mean not only just with boys..but the same "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry....ugg it makes me just sick that this is everywhere and starting to be accepted in society! I pray that I will have the strength, courage and the spirit with me to teach the girls that they CAN overcome this and wait to share this wondrous thing with thier eternal husband and know that they will be blessed if they save themselves for can be done!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I had to teach the YW on sunday and made this super cute handout....but of course forgot to take a pic...darn! Sabrina wanted me to make some for a couple of her friends so I did..aren't they cute! They are bookmarks. I just used the beading wire and my crystals, and then used the shrinky dinks for the charm. For the young women the charm had Daughter of God and was attached to a handout that had a couple of quotes to go with the lesson. I had to make 27 of them....they turned out super cute!

Some of you have asked how to make you will need beading wire (walmart or Michaels) crimping beads, your beads and shrinky dink inkjet printer paper. All of these I found at Michaels. Follow the instructions for the shrinky dink as directed..very simple. Then you string the wire through a crimp bead and the shrinky dink and then clamp with nosehead pliers, cut of excess wire, not the actual length though. By the way the length of the bookmark was 12 in. Bead your beads and then another crimp bead, clamp. Towards the other end of the wire clamp a crimp bead and string a couple more beads or crystals and clamp again another crimping bead...voila! you are done, very simple! Check out, she also has some other ideas for this too.!

A day of Snow FUN!

We went up north on New year's week to play and have some fun in the snow....and WOW there was alot of it 3-4ft of snow! We kept getting stuck in the snow it was soo funny! We went up to the area we always go to and were surprised that there were so many people, cars lined up on both sides of the was so crowded! We still had fun and even saw some friends of ours up there!

Bella had sooo much fun in the snow! It was cute to see her so excited about this white icy stuff and to watch her explore in it!
What a cute little wet butt....! She didn't have a snow suit, so I had to bring alot of extra clothes for year I will definetly get one though....!

I LOVE this pic. of her....she is such a poser!