Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Turkey Recipe...! part 2

Got the stuffing done and Turkey Tom stuffed to the max! It turned out good and it was nice to have Ray there to help me with tradition he ALWAYS eats the neck...funny huh..but no I didn't take a picture of looks kinda gross! Also I had leftover gizzards and livers that I will add to my dog's dog food in the next couple of days...what a treat for them!

So my schedule is pretty easy for tomorrow I've got R.J. making the famous green bean casserole, Sabrina is making our "family" salad, Colton is making mashed potatoes and Cambrie will help me make the homemade whipped cream for the pies, and Ray is making his traditional Banana Nilla wafer vanilla pudding that has ran in his family for years....that's neat! So really along with the stuff everyone else is bringing,( corn, bread, candied yams and BBQ zucchini I am about done oh yeah I have to just put the Honeybaked Ham in the oven to heat my Thanksgiving will be easy peasy,....can't wait!! Everyone comes over at 2pm, it should be lots of fun..!

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sweetsusan said...

I sure hope that your family had a great thanksgiving, Nicole. See you soon!!