Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gunnar's first pics.....

He is the most {AdOrAbLe} little man ever...I am soo in love with him, even though I have literally not had sleep for the last 4+ weeks, not to count the 4 weeks before he was even born..!! But really he is such a good baby, very content! Maybe because I hold him 24 7 or SOMEONE is holding! When I am not holding him, he likes to be wrapped up like a little burrito..

Please do not copy, print or save these friend Holly from (she has a copyright release people!) took these for me....check her out she has amazing talent..!
This is his birth announcement front and back.....Cute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{DIY changing pad}..!!

So you think I've been busy crafting right?......think life consists of NO SLEEP, ROUND THE CLOCK NURSING, and POOPY time for anything else!! Seriously I have to take my showers at night so Ray can hold Gunnar, my world is turned upside down....BUT I wouldn't change it for the world!! Amazingly enough with the help of some prayers, my lil' Bella is OFFICIALLY potty trained.....and would you believe in the middle of a diarrhea plague AND 8 days after Gunnar is born!!!! Awesome I must say, now I only have to buy and change one set of!! LIFE IS GOOD!! Onto this cute thing (which I must of done sleep walking lol)......all you need is some really cute fabric and a white hand towel, some cute ribbon and sew along the sides and VOILA...cute, unique, boutique'ish changing pad! I have gotten so many compliments (mainly from nurses, family and oh yeah and the waiting room moms) and questions on how to make it.....SaSsE~y!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

{Introducing Gunnar Dean Patino...!}

Gunnar has finally arrived....on Mar. 23. He is the most {adorable }thing ever and he is such a good baby..!! He nurses around the clock but I think he just wants to be held by me and luckily Bells is not a jealous toddler..she just does her own thing and doesn't even acknowledge him unless he is wailing and then she points to him and says "he's sad"!! cute..! My labor went good, I actually had an hour and half labor by the time I got to the hospital..which was crazy, that's never happened, but I wanted to wait it out because I knew I wouldn't see the younger kids for a couple days once I got in there. ( because of the H1N1 flu season). Luckily I was given an epidural and as soon as that kicked in I had to start pushing....that took a little bit because his shoulders got stuck, but then he finally came out and WHOA he was big...a whoppin 8 pounds 13 ounces....crazy. I am soo glad I was only 1 day overdue....he would have been huge if I went longer..geesh!! Everything went perfect and the hospital (Gilbert Mercy) staff was awesome to us! The only sad thing was that my labor was so fast we didn't get a chance to get our cameras for the birth..owell...Here are some pics of week my friend Holly is taking his newborn pics...can't wait...check out her amazing talent at
Here is me the night before I went into labor....I am

I am soo in love with this little man.....