Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Baseball Inspiration...!

These were for Colton's baseball team coach gifts I did last year and then did this year too but didn't take pics....I filled up this baseball ball bucket with a whistle, peanuts, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, Babe Ruth candy bars, water bottles, a clipboard and pen, bubble gum, a baseball with all the kid's signatures, popcorn and gatorade! They loved getting this and it was fun to put together..and then of course did some cupcakes... of the coaches would be my husband..!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kid's end of the year...part 2

These are pics from the kids' elementary school....when R.J. and I got there to Cambrie's class, Miss Mead and Cambrie were just bawling and then came all the other kids crying...I felt so bad but love that they just love eachother...we were able to go to Miss Mead's baptism earlier in the year and so they are just really close....I like that! I have to say that this school I love...the teachers and the principal are the best and you know they just love all the kids, I feel really blessed for that! Hooray for Summer...! I am excited to have the kids home with me....!
Sabrina and her teacher, Mrs. Daniels
Cambrie and neighbor/friend Cross...
Sabrina and her 1st/2nd grade teacher that she loves....

Mrs. Weaver thier principal...she is super sweet!

Miss Mead and Cambrie (they are not crying...!)

Colton and his 4th grade teacher Miss Spomer...

Sabrina and best bud Auilana

Hanne, Sabrina Rayne, Payton and Ali

Samantha, Cambrie and Peyton...aahhh

The ballbabies.....aahhh

Thursday, May 21, 2009

R.J.'s end of the year Highlights..part 1

My little "baby" is getting SOO big, I can hardly stand they were calling his name and as I watched him get his Jr. High certificate...those tears started forming.....ugg! I am sad to see him get so big so fast, but also excited and proud of who he is and who he has become! The Vice Principal called out his name and said he would be one of those kids that she has loved and would never forget......super sweet..! I cannot believe he will be a High Schooler....CrAzY!! Better yet I can't believe this school year is over.....

R.J and Joy.....a really good friend...she is super sweet..
R.J., Cierra, Joy and Brea
Mr.Hauplti and R.J. his Honors Math Teacher
R.J. and Alyssa....he thinks she is super cute..

R.J., Kenny Kyle, Jeremy, Chris and Mikey..

R.J. and Kenny

Marissa and R.J....cute.

Some buds..

Mr. Horne Wrestling coach and R.J.

Chance, Ollie and R.J.

Michael and R.J.

Mrs. Mckeen and R.J....his FAVORITE teacher....Language

AAHHH R.J. and his wonderful

What a HANDSOME boy...

I love you are sooo the best little man ever..!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Havin' Fun with FrIeNdS!!

I am super late on posting this because this happened like 3 weeks ago.....but late is better than! The boys had Father and Son's and so us girls went out to eat dinner at Olive Garden on Friday night....YUM! and then came back to my house. We got Bride Wars but never got around to watching it because we were laughing and talking about EvErYtHinG..until really late! It's fun to hang out with my girls and talk about everything Girls talk about..We also made some Homemade ice cream.. so then on Sat. we went and got pedis! That was fun, except holy cow it was super hot in that place....geeshh! We had a super blast together....!

my Beautiful girls...!

My other girl...!

Me and Kell..

Me and my friend Megan....

Our cute feet...

Then Sat. night Ray took me out for our date night......I felt bad he was like super tired, but we always have fun and laugh together...he totally makes my day and I love that we really never have a dull moment.....he is the best ever and I love him to pieces...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher ApPrEcIaTiOn Gift...! (REVISED)

(I re-uploaded my pics so you can right click on them now....wierd!)

Of course you know when I start something, it seems to be the only thing I can think of..hence...these super cute survival kits! What do you think? I had to buy like the box of the item instead of just one bandaid, so at least the bag was filled up. I think they turned out adorable, but I have to say I accidentally left off my signature tags....owell! I am sure these awesome teachers won't mind..! I have been very lucky to have such great teachers all the time, every year with my kids...SERIOUSLY no issues, well maybe like two that were quickly handled. I try to be involved as much as I can with the kids and school, and with so many of them it can be hard at times...but really my kids do so well with thier teachers that its been nice to see them have friendships with's great!

May V.T. HaNdOuT...!

Last year a couple of us put these together for our ladies that were special to us for Mother's Day, and I think they are really cute! So I decided to do these and add my favorite conference talk and a yummy fruit salad recipe. I really do love these "survival" kits, you could use them for almost anything, actually next week the Beehives are doing "Finals Survival" kits for the girls in YW, I will post about that soon. I need to finish my Teacher Appreciation gifts, go Visiting Teaching, attend a "Talent" show, and also sometime post some more, I have alot to share the last couple of!