Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dry Erase Frame..!

I saw this and HAD to do super easy it was! Just buy a frame, cover the back with your fabric and then put the frame back together....That's it!! Then use a dry eraser to write on..Super cute! This way the kids can put what they also want from the stores...really that would be Sabrina..she is my big helper in that area..This board is in my pantry so I had to match it with my craft area side...and LOVE it!! Tip: make sure you use a light color fabric and not too busy..I origanally wanted to use a damask black and white, but then you couldn't see my!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

General Conference Ideas....!

I am lucky to have and AmAzInG Primary pres. in my ward that puts packets together for our Primary children, so I like to add things if I see something out there. I was over at this site and liked what I saw! Check it out!

This link I saw is cute for your Visiting Teacher.....

This is a cute packet idea for the YW in your family...(maybe I will bring this up for our YW next year..!) You could also make a few changes for the YM in your family as well!

This is one of my favorite sites that I love and she has a great idea..and others that she has links too...thought I would share!

Enjoy! I love to watch General Conference with my family and to make it memorable for my kids....I am soo thankful for the internet to be able to find great ideas out there!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Some HaLLoWeeN flair.....!

If you look at my last halloween post my decorating is pretty much the same with some changes, so I don't want to bore you with that, but did find some cute stuff.....eventually I want to totally deck out my ent. center all Halloween, but because its soo big, it will prob. take me a few can I just say how eas..IER it would of been to wait until this year to buy all the glittered skulls and stuff.....last year I had to glitter my own.....I love Walmart's glittered skull bodies..I plan on getting some of those!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it Fall Already...?!!

I am not sad or anything don't get me wrong.....was at the park today with some friends and thier kids and it was actually really nice and breezy...I love the Fall weather, and the crockpot soups, CANNING, baking bread and my beloved Gold Canyon Candles that I burn daily throughout!

I will be getting my Halloween and Fall stuff up this week and next week...there are some really cute things out there that I want to do this year....I already have Bells costume in mind...sooo cute! I have had alot of emails on my past Halloween and Fall posts..that I decided to look at them and can I just say..I AM CRAZY!!! Seriously some MAD lady with all her decorating and bling...but hey it's fun and I can't promise you this year will be the don't hold me to it!!lol!! Don't forget I am preggers now so cut me some slack..ladies..PLEASE!!
Anyhoo... I did these cute FALL blocks the other day and glittered and blinged this FAMILY sign out.....
I am a little slow because the other day (Saturday) a friend and I did some canning again and I seriously burned my hand...2nd degree hurts I can't even tell you the pain I am feeling....ugg! We decided to can at least once a will be Chili...yum!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

San Diego Vacation Summer 09'

In July we headed out to San Diego with our favorite family..the Johnstons. We rented this cute beach house right on the beach and stayed for a whole week. It was sooo much fun to just relax and not worry about anything...actually my only worry was if I would start feelin my morning sickness, which luckily it started on Fri. the day before we left! We also went to SeaWorld and some wanted to go to the temple but it was closed for cleaning, but we drove by it at's beautiful!! It was alot of beach hangin, late and kind of vacation with my favorite people in whole wide world!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Ruffle Fabric flowers...!

I had some left over zebra fabric that I had sewn into a ruffle for one of Bella's dresses and have seen these cute fabric flowers and decided to giveit a try....can I say Easy Peasy....seriously all I did was just twist the ruffle into 3 layers and then hot glued the middle button, made a clip on back and was done.....super cutesy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gettn' my GrOoVe on......!!

So before school actually started we got a great deal at the Vans store, buy 1 get 1 50% off sale...and decided to bling them out...AREN'T THEY SOO DARN SASSE-Y'!! I get a million compliments whenever the girls wear them...and the awesome thing is that Sabrina is now wearing tennies like 3 times a week which is a NEVER for this gem princess!! I needed something to get her to wear close toe shoes....I want her to get dirty sometimes y'know..!!!lol!!
Bells showin off her shoes.....

Oh and then blinged this flower out too...

Happy Birthday R.J....!

Yesterday we celebrated R.J.'s the big 15! He also finally got permission from his doctor to play in his Football Game for Gilbert High! He had a hip injury over the summer and worsened it over football camp right before school anyhow he was VERY excited to be able to play and so were we! (even thought they lost to of all teams...Shepherd Jr. High which is MY Jr. High growin up...weird!)All of my side of the family were there and Ray's side and the Johnstons to cheer him on..I even made posterboards with crepe paper, brought some balloons and made cupcakes...FUN! Afterwards we all went to Someburros for dinner where he opened up his gifts...He wanted an Iphone soo bad, so we were able to pull that off for him...he was soo happy, he got alot of money which is good for a teenager and a wallet and Itunes card...Happy birthday buddy...hope you had an awesome you!!
Ash cheerin with cute!

Me n my bud Kellee..
Showin some spirit with some cousins...

Me n my sis. Lisa....

Guess he was happy..!