Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I thought I would share at least some of our family pictures throughout the years, however there are about 6 that I don't have up yet because we all know my printer is not compatible with my scanner doesn't work...ugg sometimes I hate technology..!! These are not in perfect order....but gotta go start my busy day.....

This year was 2004


I was pregnant with Bella for this 2006 picture of us..... (This actually is not the right pic...there are some closes eyes, but my folder has too many to try and find the right one....)
I miss my long hair...!2005

2003 (oops a chopped head, I scanned this in along time ago I guess.)

This was our first casual family pic with Bella...she is 8wks here..


koby said...

Super Cute Nicole. It's fun to see the growth throughout the years. In the 2002 pic I totally see lots of Bella in Cambrie. So Cute.
ps, miss being your vt :(

gigi said...

Great pictures of your beautiful family.

Tricia said...

beautiful pics.... and I have to say I love how every year you change your hair! ha Im 30 and Ive had the same hair for 15 years.... ha...I think it's time for a change!

Leslee said...

It's so neat to see your family grow. Such cute pictures. You long hair is gorgeous. I'm jealous!