Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{HaLLoWeEn 2010}...!

I love Halloween...seriously it is one of my favorite holidays that I just can't get enough of. I love to deck my kids out for the holiday except Colton wasn't havin it this year :( but I did talk him into wearing the bead necklaces with the spiders on it..lol!

Cute lil' headband that Sabrina made for Cambrie....too cute!
and of course made the shirt...it was so fun to do, and to get the coordinating fabrics...Sabrina made the necklace and earrings for her...

I am sooo glad I have at least 3 more years of elementary age with Cambrie so I can play and dress her all up.....I love you girl!!
I am not sure why these are soo small...weird...but this one of Sabrina is at the Ward Trunk r treat...so fun...she went as an angel this year! and yes I made everything except the wings...

Cute Bells as Snow White.....

I was so proud of myself for making her top.....had no pattern and just made it up as I went along...it came out really cute!

Colton is a ninja dude....:) no did not make his...lol

Rj had a party to go to and so he went as a In N Out Burger Employee....fun!

And my Guns is a cuddly lil lion...no did not make..lol...he did not like wearing this thing it was too hot...:(

Cambrie as a Bumble Bee....I made her whole costume....the wings and bobby things on her head (forget what those are called..lol) are from Bells costume a couple of years ago so that was easy.....and just took a black shirt and added the ruffly strips for stripes..so cute!

Love this girl!

Sabrina as an Angel...made her costume, and just added the ruffles on her white leatard, but bought the wings and it came with the halo that we added the boa to from what we had left over from her tutu skirt...this costume was so fun to do....

We had a blast this year and can't for next year...the kids already know what they want to be....so funny!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A HaLLoWeEn Post..!

Ok so instead of multiple posts I thought I would do them all together.....I have to get busy on my girl's costumes, I only have a couple of days left..lol
We made Monster Cookies and put them in these cute bags I did up for our traditional "Booing" in our neighborhood...that was fun!

We carved pumpkins last Mon...for FHE...poor Sabrina got knife happy and her pumpkin became the "faceless" pumpkin lol!

We love pumpkin seeds...YUM!
I made a bunch of ties for Gun...and they turned out soo cute, they are double sided so this one is his "halloween" tie...

This we were on our way to the Pumpkin Patch.....

And this is my door wreath I did awhile back.....I love it...I got the sign at the dollar store and I used black jute, and all kinds of different fabrics for the rosettes! I am in love with lace now! Can't you tell!?:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some FuN projects that includes SeWiNg...!

Seriously...I have been on this thing of sewing....I can't STOP....! Everything I see or comes to my mind it has to include sewing! I love to sew I guess and it's fun and something that I feel I get better and better every time I break out the machine...plus I have a gazillion fabric pieces to go along with my ribbon addiction as well...so fun!!
This is a black shirt I got at the dollar store to add these ruffly pieces too...it's a little different from before a little flatter, but I love it! and it is so cute on Bells! WHOOPS...losing my blogging technique..lol...sorry..
A fun pillow I made....ok one thing I do hate about my home is my BEDROOM....ugg I dread that thing....maybe because I am not to crazy for the furniture but can't affort a new set right now...and so I am trying to add as I go....ugg..but the pillow is FAB!!

of course a pic of me and my hunie..!

and bells......cute leg warmers I got from the lovely Holly Brimhall....and I made her cute headband wrap with lace....FUN!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Been SUPER busy!!

It seems like the days slip past me and more and more I get behind on this blogging thing....but really I have no regrets! My family is what is most important to me and they keep me busy!! Here are some fun photos of my kiddos and what I/we have been up to..!!!

{in no random order folks..}

So tried the T-shirt dress thing and it turned out super cute!! I bought this at Walmart they have the cutest screen tees but it was too small so added the ruffles and tie and of course the cute head bow and a really cute outfit for Bells!!

Got these Converse shoes at Target and blinged them out...FUN!!

Cams and Bells showing Dawg Pride at Colts Football game..!!

My Sabrina......Love the hat and that she is in 7th grade and still I can have fun with her...well actually this was her idea......she takes after her mom all the way!!
Love my Sweet Bells....Sabrina made the cute flower and I added ruffles to her leggings..so cute!

I have soo much more but will get to posting when I can..!! Take care and thanks for visiting! I appreciate all the emails and your kind comments!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I love this Necklace...!!

The only thing I like about the kids in school is that I can have a little time to do some fun Crafty things......I love how this turned out....! It is actually a brooch pin that I attached to a pearl headband...because I was too lazy to make a necklace haha....so I can take it off when I want to use it as a headband..! I will take a pic of me wearing it when I look descent...because we all know when you craft you look like crap...lol!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

{Some fun Headbands...!}

Actually two are headbands and one is a fun cute flower bracelet! The zebra one down below my sweet daughter made for to match an outfit the night before church....gotta love that..! I needed a navy blue one so made up this and love the leaf petals on the side..!

This lace is stretchy....sooo cute, I have gotten alot of compliments on this!


Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July 2010..... !

This year we went to Central Christian at thier new location....and it was awesome..they gave away free glow sticks and balls and they had everything imaginable for a perfect 4th! We got KFC and watermelon and pulled out our blankets and hung out for the fireworks to start....I love going there because it is so family oriented and actually this year it wasn't crazy with alot people....I don't think alot of people even knew about it....good for us..lol !!
My lil' miss DiVa.....

She is the cutest thang....

Me and my hunie.....
Me and my cams.....

and my lil' guns soooo happy gotta love that smile!!