Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ward Trunk R Treat...!

So I realized that I have no pictures of my boys, R.J. was at his football practice before his game that night, in which we went all dressed up... and Colton left across the street to the park where our Ward's Trunk r treat was and didn't see him again until he came up to me with MAJOR Costume {malfunctions.}....I won't embarrass him by posting what happened but he quickly ran home searching for another one...too funny! I have to say that my boys won't let me make thier costumes...but my girls will!! Colton's response was "Mom I know you can do anything...but I think it would be really hard for you to try to make a sword" ok! Actually Bella's was a last minute thing, she was going to be this really cute pirate princess too, but couldn't pull that I thought you can't go wrong with a witch....soo cute! Poor Sabrina bought her costume and it ended up being too big and kinda weird looking so I again...totally last minute..{what a totally awesome mom she has..} put together her pirate princess costume! She wanted to wear Cambrie's pirate costume, but we allknow that you have to buy the biggest size for it to cover all thier which they didn't have another size...I still had to have Cambrie wear a tutu under her skirt because I think the costume people want thier butts hanging out..sickos... she also wore black leggings instead of the netted leggings that came with the costume....Netting screams to me skanky..don't know why? I have to say again and again how frustrating it is to find modest costumes that are cute...HA and one of my friends said 'You just wait until High school dances and those dresses..." UGG......I think I may just go do a sewing class so I can learn how to make those for my girls..!! SeRiOuSlY...!! I am soooo trying to be nice here people!!
All and all we had sooo much fun...again I just love to see Bella so excited about things and my other makes being a mom sooo much fun! It was stinkn freezing though...but alot of fun..we truly have the best ward ever!!!
Cambrie just looks like a pirate princess...she is absolutely gorgeous...I am bragging..!!

So with Sabrina, I sewed her bandana and added an iron on skull to the front of it, made her eye patch complete with blingage...made her tie up corset and belt, and of course the tute...she can't wait to wear it to her school party on Friday....I guess in 6th grade it's the cool thing to be original, and really I don't think she is other than it was made...I think original is something like an Ipod, or one of my YW made her costume out of felt and was a Hershey bar...sooo cute! That's original...hers is just SaSs-eY and DiVa'ISH...LOL

I can't believe Bells left this huge hat on all night....unbelievable!!

{I think I have a "TuTu" obsession...haha!}
This was the night before trying her costume out...

She is sooo dang all might get sick of seeing her all girly girl...but do know that I am having a BOY.....!So Bells gets all my girly girl creativeness....hope she doesn't get sick of it! I promised the boys that Gunnar (our baby name) wouldn't have TOO much bling and sass..!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

October {HaLLoWeEn V.T.} Handout.....!

{UM YEAH} a little late......nothing new, but saw this idea and made my own version....too cute!...If you click on pic. you can get this yummy recipe for the {candy corn} pretzel sticks. It's super easy, and really isn't a recipe..haha!

This is the idea I saw...
Mine looks a little different, because the candy corn sticks are It looks a whole heck of a lot cuter in person.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin patch...!

So we went on Mon. for FHE....and had a good time, the kids still love to do this every year and I am glad!! Some of us weren't decked out in Halloween attire because they weren't home, but that's ok.....Sabrina was bummed. Bells had a blast, I love to see her so excited about stuff!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My HaLLoWeEn Card...and some other fun ideas...!

I am never dissappointed when I head on over to my favorite Scrapbook store...which is Scrapbook barn, they always have the cutest ideas for when it comes to making cards...funny I actually saw this online somewhere last year and saved it in my files but over at the store they had the actual pattern to put it together...yeah!! Here are some other ideas I found too that are seriously so cute....
This is my cute the bling and glitter..! totally cute is this, using a frosting it!

I really like this idea..
LOVE black licorice..!

Cute Mummy Card..!

Here is the "other" version...too cute!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Jars...!

I saw these from various blogs and decided to try them out with Sabrina....we had sooo much fun making these! Super easy too! Get some jars, various sizes, get your mod podge and put a thin coat on the jar and put strips of tissue paper on top and press slightly to smooth out, not to hard or you'll rip the paper. I downloaded "punkinhead" font (free) for the faces cut those out and mod podged them on, let it dry and then added ribbon and tulle. Insert tealight candles, Christmas lights or those battery operated tealights and VOILA...super cute !! Next I want to do some with words and different looking jars......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AwEsOmE HaLLoWeEn IDEAS...! has a super cool technique she did on photoshop where she blurred her kids pictures into scary creatures.....go check it out!

These are all just random ideas I have saved to give me some inspiration....!