Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was working on my FHE packets for a group that I am in and so was on lds.org and saw this amazing video called.."CREATE".
I have to say that I have been kind of in a state of being sick of hearing how "crafty" I am, I almost feel like sometimes that should just be my name or what people think I am all about! (did I just say that!?) And I know most people are being really super nice BUT It can be very sad sometimes and almost lonesome thinking I may be the only one..(when I KNOW I am not!) Just the last couple of days of being overwhelmed with some NOT SO NICE ladies I thought of keeping my "creativity"under my belt for awhile and not letting it out there for all to see...praying to know how to handle this, that maybe I do intimidate others to think that they are not "crafty" or that I take it to an extreme that they feel they could never do.....boy did Heavenly Father tell me differently! This video is so true! Everyone has a creative side...whatever it may be...and you should be cultivating that creativity! Instead of being intimidated or jealous, BE INSPIRED! I truly am and get inspired every day from people everywhere around me....I can see people's creativity when maybe they don't! I think that if people knew my life, what I have been through, that I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth that they would think differently. I HAD to be extremely self reliant.

I again am not trying to throw a pity party, nor trying to justify who I am....but believe me when I say I am MORE than just "CRAFTY"!! (I am thinking out loudly today..!)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Embellish By Design BoY sTyLe!

My friend had a baby shower and she is having a boy...so made her this cute package, complete with a blinged binky! Making this made me think, maybe another boy in the future..mmmm?!
I am diggin the pirate skull...so Boy Sass-ey'!

Friday, March 27, 2009

March ViSiTiNg TeAcHiNg handout...!

I know I am extremely late on posting these.....but this week has flown way by for me!! I have alot to post so I will be posting more soon..!

So on to these cuties..! I save my cans like soup or vegetable or any container really till I have a stock so that I can use them to have fun with...and so these are some soup cans!

I included my two favorite quotes from this weeks message and a recipe...hence Gold Coins..heehee!Mint PaTtIeS seemed SOOO appropriate and hey it's chocolate..!Click on picture and you can keep this recipe for yourself....it is really yummy...can ya tell I love MINT!!?lol
FYI: for those of you who have asked me to make and sell these...sorry but my life is just too busy as it is...but you are welcome to copy this idea if you would like, but please do not use my pictures for your final result! Thanks!!

Check out www.handpickeddaisy.blogspot.com she DOES sell her kits and they are super cute! Please let her know you found out about her through me...thanks again ladies!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Embellish By Design....update!

I am still taking and doing orders for my little business....and it is alot of fun! Zebra is definetly in and have done alot of these just in different colors....the monogrammed onesies and bibs are also popular. I did up these cute tags to attach to the item I make...CuTe!!

kindof a bad pic....sorry..

I did up my own business cards....I really like them...I will be adding a rhinestone somewhere though to give them that extra bling bling..!

Thanks to all who have ordered from me....and I am so glad that you are liking my style...!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Havin' fun at Peter Piper Pizza!

I have to just say that our family so LOVES this place....the pizza is the best and so is the salads...wierd huh?? Beats Amazing Jakes ANYDAY!!
Bella is starting to really enjoy the games now that she can do some of them on her own...it's cute to see her get all excited about this place!

Oh Yeah...can you tell I got my hair done? Darker this time with the highlights, trying for that natural color but very chunky!

GOSH so into it!!!

FuN TiMeS!!

R.J.'s BiGgEsT FAN!!

Here is Bells all decked out in Gilbert colors for her big brother R.J.'s baseball game....! R.J. said all his team thought she was just adorable....GO TIGERS!

I LOVE this pic of her...!

YW lesson handout on Self-Reliance...!

I was lucky enough to be able to teach the Beehive girls this past Sunday while my advisor was out of town! I of course thought I needed to have a cutesy handout for them as usual, really because we have had volleyball the last month and haven't done anything for awhile! The cute poem above I got off the manual and it was on Self-Reliance. ... so appropriately all the Easter is out so I got these pails, laminated some zebra paper and taped them on...put some jelly beans and other candy in on top of the easter grass and then included the poem and an easter egg with a marshmallow chick inside...cute!!

The lesson was on how we have struggles in our life and at different times in our life and they are there not because Heavenly Father doesn't love us, but rather because he does and he knows that we will learn and grow from these struggles and also help us to mature the way he would like us to. Our parents are there to guide us, to give us limits on the things "as teens" want to do, not because they hate us but because they know that they just are not mature enough. The girls understood, and I had Sabrina come in not only for support but because I know she needed this lesson. She often thinks she is 16 and can wear makeup, hang out at the mall and go do what she wants......sorry baby...you are just tooo young! The time will come for those things so just enjoy what you can do for the time being, and enjoy being a kid...because that time will NEVER come back!!!lol!

She said she understands why her dad and I have our boundaries....she is a sweetie!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Football Cake and Cupcakes...!

I made these for my friend's son's birthday party this past weekend....and they turned out really cute! Of course though the brown is not dark enough so I had to use the jar frosting for that dark brown around the edges. I also had to use a box of cake mix and then a cake mix from scratch because I didn't have 2 boxes, but everyone loved it...I think it was the coconut extract I used forthe buttercream frosting...heehee..try it! It is so much yummier than vanilla extract! That is my little secret!! but I will share!

Happy Birthday Con!! We LOVE you!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


My little boy made Baseball at his Jr. High again....and he was thrilled...he had a slight thought of not making it...but he was soo excited to get that chance again. The team got new uniforms this year and they look good! I seriously can't get enough of this little man....he is turning out to be exactly what I had hoped for! R.J. has such integrity and respect, he adores me and I just love that! I love you son....GO TIGERS!!
Little bells playing in the dirt....look how long her eyelashes are..! Those are definetly from daddy!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I LOVE this little girl....!

Bella is going through her "fun" stage and wanting me to help with everything.....literally! It is so great to see her little personality blossom through, she is alot like the other kids......just HAPPY! Well I do have to say....except Colton...he was a cryer...for the family that can remember that...geeshh!!

Bella is 19 months old and loves to just get her pictures taken so I have a ton of them..! especially right after a bath...hehee


Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Carebear...!

Saturday we had Cambrie's 7th birthday party....and it turned out sooo cute...and super easy. I actually thought it might be some hard work with the kids and the kitchen...(like throwing food or something!) but they were almost TOO good!! All of the kids had soo much fun making thier own stuff it was great, also that I had some older helpers too! I had "Ratatuille" playing on the tv....this helped while some of the kids got done with thier food first....First we did personal pan pizzas, pepporoni and cheese of course which "Chef Cambrie" demonstrated to everyone first! Then they all helped to make thier fruit shakes while the pizzas cooked in the oven. After that before the party I had made muffin size cupcakes for them to frost and decorate, we sang happy birthday to Cambrie and then she opened presents...you can tell her favorite was her nintendo ds..and a game! There is just something special when you see your child SO excited about something and not to mention a little "all about me" time...which we all need. This was the invitation to the party....
a cute recipe card I just put together...found the clipart online!
She looks like she COULD be a chef..lol! except a SaSsY one!

Cambrie helped me to put the ingredients together before the party!
She is demonstrating what to do....AAHH and the "Bakers in Training" are following her instructions..!Time to blow out the candles...Wow!! she was thrilled to get this little gift..nintendo dsThis was her little "thank you" cookbook with some of her favorite recipes..she really enjoyed helping me put this together!Except while it got bounded some of the words got cut off...no big deal you can still read it though! I guess I will know for next time..!
She drew all the pics herself...!

Cute little Chefs!

This was thier take home "Pan" which inlcuded the baker pan, cookbook, cookie cutter, silicone cupcake liner, wooden spoon, whisk, scraper, "Chef Cambrie's Dough...(playdough) and thier apron and hat....FuN!!
I love you little girl and hope I helped to make your day special!!!