Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not a Cake Pro...but have fun acting like one...!

I made this cake for a friends daughter.......I said yes only cuz my "cake Pro" friend was gonna help me....but we got dates confused and she ended up being out of town when I needed to make there is no cute fondant or anything just your basic white cake and buttercream frosting. I tried to make it nice and clean....but to a cake genious I am sure very I love the "A" and the fun stuff I added......(a bad pic)
Sabrina and I made these really cute necklaces you see showing up at boutiques....the rings are adorable and the the fabric for 60 cents a yard at that..!
And of course a cute pic of my lil man....he is 11 weeks and getting soo big.....makes me sad:(....but he is starting to lose the fussy stage a little every I am happy about that..!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

4th of July {CrAfTiNeSs...!}

I got these white shirts over at Walmart on Clearance for a $1.00 and had these flags from Michaels...sewed them on and added all the cutesy flower rosettes and lace............sooo cute..!
I made cute hair ones too....but need to get extra headbands and will post when I get those done..

Maybe it will give you all some fun patriotic inspiration ladies....!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Making LoTs of FuN things...!

So me and the girls have been having fun going to fun little boutiques and shops to get some ideas on how to be crafty....a small part of me doesn't feel bad when I do this because I think they are just so darn expensive...besides I like to add my own technique! I love how these super cute FUN magnets are...and really had all the stuff to make them....

Here is a sample of what Sabrina and Ash are cute!

I did buy this necklace which is why I don't feel guilty because it was an arm and a leg...I added my own pictures. One side has our family pic, and the other side a pic of Gunnar since we haven't taken new big and blingish'!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have been super busy and will try to update as much as possible....Gunnar has been keeping me up all night and all day that it is hard to post all that I have been doing...but was able to fix up another wipe case....soo cute...
Sabrina and Ashlee have been busy making cute flowers and so I tried at them for this case and they turned out cute! I will have to take some pics of thier adorable flowers they are making to sell to earn some money for San Diego in two weeks.....they are super SwEeT..!