Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ward Easter Egg Hunt and Usery Pass Picnic....2011

This year it was at 8 instead of 8:30.....I know you say it's only 30 min later...but seriously I NEED that extra 30 min in the morning to get up and get going...really it takes us that long just to load up everyone in the car....we always forget something! Gunnar and Bella had so much fun....Gunnar wasn't quite sure what to do...but then he got the hang of it and especially when he saw the football egg...he KNEW exactly what that was...except it made noise...funny! At Usery Pass it was fun too...especially the little hunt then also...and the crazy guy who picked up a snake and had the kids touch it!! But it was really nice out and a good time to hang with the fam and bbq and picnic...Some fun pics of us!

love the plumbers crack...ha!


Easter Weekend..:)

This weekend was so much fun! Our weekend started on Thursday as we went to the Easter Pageant with some friends. On Sat morning we had our ward easter egg hunt...which I will post soon.....and then headed over to Usery Pass for my family get together! That was awesome:) Sunday of course we went to church and thought we probably should have taken our pics before church as ours start at 12:30.....ha but forgot...so of course everyone is all undone hair a mess...not to mention the super wind that was blowing.....I didn't put a pic of me and Ray up because in all of them my hair is blown back....WAY back that I look bald seriously and my dress is skin tight in all the areas it didn't need to be....geesh....but it was fun to get everyone all matchy and dressed up and even better when most of the stuff we already had! I will post more of our weekend and what we did to incorporate Christ in one of my favorite holidays!

I am so lucky for an amazing family!

My favorite of the girls..:)

He is sooo big...what a chum!

haha windy...!

Love my men!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Spring Wreath...

So around blogland I saw this and thought OH MY! This is my version and I must say I love this! I will probably keep it up all summer. The hanging part was a little tricky but I figured it out and cut and sewed the hole so the hanger could go right in the middle if that makes sense! I love this fabric too so fun! I did fix it so it wasn't lopsided..ha...but to lazy to retake pics:)

Test Taking SuRvIvAl KiTs for the kiddos:)

If you know me...then you know that I LOVE making these kits! I can find SOME reason or excuse to make these and they are SO MUCH FUN!!:) I have done these for my kids for a couple of years now and it seems like they just keep getting bigger and bigger....so this year I decided on the brown lunch bag and thought it fit cute with the school theme and all:) I am going to try my hardest to upload to scribd so everyone can download if they like but in the mean time send me your email and I can send this over as an attachment if you'd like!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Pics December 2010

I feel SO blessed to have such a wonderful family...an amazing husband who takes care of us, supports us and honors his priesthood...he is my best friend and having these beautiful babies expresses our love we share with eachother and within our family. I love to be a mom and would never change my role in this life for another.....I truly have found joy having my family but most importantly being sealed in the Temple for ALL and ETERNITY. I am sooooo happy that I listened to that still small voice when I prayed to know if I should marry Ray. He wasn't a member then but knew he would accept the gospel and embrace it. Now he says and reminds our family all the time..."I can't even see my life without the gospel in it.....I only wish that I had acted upon the many opportunities I had to listen and pray to know earlier that this was the only TRUE church on the earth!" He is an amazing example to me and to my kids and my kids benefit from him not being brought up in the church. They have the stories and wise words from him telling them how it is and how unhappy your life can be if you do not wrap the gospel around your soul and heart....and they listen to him because they love and respect him......Missionary work is dear to my heart because I have seen it work in my life personally and with those I love the most and am grateful for the plan that our Father in Heaven has for each one of us to hear it.......as I have looked at my life when I was not active....there were soo many opportunities that were set before me to grab a hold on....I just didn't. and regret that also because I would have been much happier like I am now...EARLIER! It's amazing to me the profound love that my Heavenly father has for me and all the times that he reached out his hand if only I would have taken it.....BUT the good thing is I have and I did! and I am never going back:) only to move further into the person he wants me and us all to be. I am truly blessed beyond measure!

Some Fun Stuff Anyone can do with glue and a gun..ha!

Not a very good picture....but got these brown flats over at Gap....and ...well they were a little to blah for me...so I spruced them up with some lace and cheetah trim to make a half rosette and then added a pearl in the middle..super cute!! One looks smaller but I promise they are exactly the same.....:)

Conference Weekend Was The BEST!!

To begin.....this amazing yummy easy quick breakfast we have done for conference and love it especially for me because all I have to do is put it in the oven in the morning......I will post the recipe soon:)
As always, I feel soo spiritually uplifted when I can hear these great leaders speak and speak TO ME!! I truly believe that in each talk there was something that had my name on it that spoke to my heart and soul! I am soo grateful for the time that I live in that I can hear these wonderful words of inspiration and to apply them to my own family and life. I wanted to share some of the traditions that we do as a family to prepare ourselves for listening to Conference.....:) I always write in my "Conference Journal" quotes or things that I hear that I can refer back to either online or when the Ensign comes out.......I immediately put my favorites into my scriptures. My scriptures are soo fat from all the paper quotes that I have in there....but its a GOOOD fat.lol....:) These pics are not in order.....but Cambrie won our "Conference Jar"...:) I'll explain down further in my post:) It felt like Easter at our house!!! All of this I got from the dollar store....and printed of thier Conference Journal, the packet we got from out Primary:0......Don't you just love the small lil' bottle of apple cider......"Celebrate Conference"....I can always find a reason for anything I see thats fun!!
So here is our Conference Guess Jar.... During conference, each session, the kiddos get a chance or more to be super awesome so we all can hear....if they are I give them laminated guess squares that they write on with a wet erase marker the number of candy they think is in the jar.....Sabrina got the most guesses but Cambrie won....:) Also I pass out question cards for them to write a question from each session and answer on back....then for FHE which we did and it was SO MUCH FUN!.....we divide into 2 teams to see who gets the most correct questions...whoever wins serves banana splits to the other team complete with all the topping...so much more fun than being served:) and then of course BINGO.....a family favorite..
Colton's journal binder was full of things he put in thier.....He reminds me of Nephi...always the example of good :) well almost always..ha!! I put thier pages with a divider tab for each date of conference so they can keep this for thier kids.....I know I am a little "traditional Sappy"...lol:)
The younger kids also did thier tent facing conference......as we talked before about King Benjamin and preparig to listen to a prophet.....sometimes I wish it was just that for real...could you imagine the journey to hike up a mountain and pitch our tents......That would be such a surreal experience to actually go camping and do that with a laptop and projection on a white sheet.......Oh the fun in that....maybe when Gunn is a little older....:) We plan before R.J goes on a mission to go to the Conference Center for Conference...that would be a treat!

My favorite quote from conference that I felt was said just for me was.." People have check of lists, but you can't check off To Be's.....Be Begets DO." ahhhhh love that.. seriously I need TO BE everything that I want to be and what I learn and what I teach instead of just checking off things...such an amazing remider to me....since I am ultra organizing at the moment...I need TO BE better in all realms of my life and spirit as a mom, daughter, sister and friend...these words I will keep close to my heart!!!