Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas neighbor gift...

Ash, the girls and I got together and made jam...razberry and strawberry...yummy! I also taught them how to make bread. It was alot of fun putting these together for all the neighbors 18 of them. It's always a blast to keep the holiday spirit in our home by spreading it to others.

Gingerbread house FUN!

We got together and made this beauty......a little flat but hey it's what we came up with. I actually overloaded on the candy, got way too much but I wanted the kids to have a little of everything...and then to munch on too. The house turned out super cute and the kids always have fun doing this fun tradition every year!

Christmas Memories!

We went to bed super late, and got up super early...thanks to santa stopping by our house! Who would of thought that my oldest one (R.J.) would be the voice we heard first..."Mom, Dad...santa came!" Very cute that he is still such a little kid inside, I love that! We got up and got the cameras ready, I managed to take a few pictures before we had santa's helper (cambrie) pass out the gifts. The kids were all so happy and it is always fun to see thier sweet smiling tired but excited faces...lol!

Friday, December 19, 2008

and the stockings were hung....

These are the kids stockings, actually they have been up all month...hoping that I would find the time to make Bella's.....haven't yet. But over at tipjunkie she has some tutorials that I am going to try to do. Luckily I bought a couple tablecloths that match all my christmas decor and tree a few years back in case I needed the fabric for something..gosh I'm so glad that I am so Smart...I think I'm funny!

Santa, help I need a new camera.....(canon..hinthint!)

Teacher Gift!

I had this in my files so I have no clue where I found it, but did these for my kid's teachers for thier gifts, except I did it in a jar and added marshmallows....can you tell I forgot to take a pic...darn it and I was up late last night putting them together!! but they turned out super cute! I know one of thier teachers actually stamps...so I know she will appreciate this!
The kids have half day and our plan is to make gingerbread houses except with graham crackers instead. We are not fans of gingerbread....! It was hard to get candy we had to travel to get the movie theater boxes so that I had alot of variety instead a huge bag that we will only use 1/3 of!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GoT bLiNg FoR ChRiStMaS?

I guess my girls are way spoiled (or I have started something I am not sure I want to call "traditional"lol!!) when they come to me and want jewelry to go with the holiday not to mention appliqued shirts and painted holiday toe nails.....I am not so sure I can get that all done by this Friday.....(I know `some of you are saying "SURE you can Nicole!)----whatever!LOL! These bells we got at Walmart except I wish I looked at them more closely because they didn't have a little hook only the string so I HAD to use it that way...Sabrina has jingle bell earrings we got last year, but I have seen those around too....cute..!

I had to do some bling for some nieces for presents....gotta love these! I haven't been in the "blinging" mood lately..but these turned out cute! cheaper making them than spending $50 for one! I went ahead and made some for Bella too!

My Christmas Card 08'

You can't tell, but I made 50 of these cuties, and you can also see it's not exactly the one that I posted! I got all the supplies for the card with the glittered snowflake on a couple of posts ago..(can't figure how to link..!) but the snowflakes were way too big, and I couldn't find white ones so when I glittered the chipboard it was an ugly grey even with white glitter! So I love ribbon and decided to do the line up, had to use glitter in there somewhere, and then used diecut H's instead. I also liked the "sewn" touch! Sometimes the samples I find are cuter in the pic than in real life...so I have to use my creative juices...that's always fun!
This is my christmas family letter and then I added a pic of our family! I am so glad these are done because I still have to finish Sabrina's treats for her party on Friday, make jingle bell necklaces and bracelets for the girls and my neighbor's treats....oh yeah Ray was begging me to make some sugar cookies today, and then tonight we are going caroling around the neighborhood...FUN FUN!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nester's Garland show and tell....

So I thought I would join in on the nester's fun little "show off your garland" party....I am so new at this and usually think everyone's stuff is better than mine, but I think it's great to see how so many people do things differently....so here is mine...I don't have a fireplace mantel so mine is above my t.v. on the entertainment center, and I think it looks soo pretty...again the pics do not do it justice...! I used fabric that was a black and white damask, red and black tulle, and lots of different picks of course...

I could not get a good picture with the lights shinin through...!

I am SO an amateur at this....please forgive me folks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Picture for 2008!!

These turned out so perfect....Lisa you did an amazing job thanks girl.....(If anyone is interested, she doesn't have a blog, but I can get you her info...in the Mesa, Gilbert, Q.Creek area..)