Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....!

So I am pretty much done with all my decorating, Ray put the lights on outside and he did a great job!..This is what I have pics of so far and I will post some more tomorrow or so..I have been meaning to post about my pantry since it's been done but have been too busy!

Here's my new light above my kitchen table...see the glittered balls? CuTe!
Loving my table top decor, those tags I made years ago for an Enrichment dinner and decided to use them again...they have glitter on them..(giddy giddy!)

Can you see I was playing around with it, the christmas ball I decided looked better on the light instead and had to glitter my pinecones...funny! Stay tuned for my tree..I have to finish my sillhouette ornaments and adding (hopefully!) a ruffle trim to my tree skirt!


Kaycee said...


Holly said...

I LOVE those candy canes in the centerpiece SO cute! Cute idea for the kids table too! :)

Larry and Heather said...

I want to copy your candy cane center piece. So cute. Hope you don't mind. Where did you get the giant candy canes? Can't find them anywhere.

Positively Creative! said...

HA! talked to you already Heather..but for anyone else...good ole' Dollar tree..heehee!