Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st year Certification Handout..!

I was asked by one of the YCL's to teach the 1st years (which we only have two!) on preserving and preparing food while at up my alley as I love love LOVE to camp! I had alot of ideas to share...which one of the girls said "I really need you to talk with my mom"...FUNNY!! Sometimes I forget that they are just! Any how had to have a cute handout so I love doing these little survival kits and put together these. The girls loved them! right click on pic and you can see it more close up!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All about....SkIrTs..!

Finally got these done! That way I can hide my totes underneath the tables and no one sees them..! I sewed velcro pieces onto the skirts to be able to take the skirts off if I need to...

My craft table in my pantry..This is my sewing table in my room...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute sass-ey words....DONE!!

Finally got these letters done....I have had them for like 6 months....geeshh! But they turned out really pantry is coming around nicely I have to say..! Now onto my table it done but need to add ribbon and tulle.....FUN!

(I swear "zebra" better never go out of style....those are on there permanetly...heehee!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April V.T. HaNdOuT..!

This turned out super cute..! These Easter Smores are really We thought we'd do these this month..! I was a little dissappointed in the Easter themed scrapbook paper and could not find one that I liked so I decided to go with this

polka dot paper plus I was excited to find matching egg ribbon...too cute..!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something FUN..!!

I saw these cool feathers over at Hobby Lobby a while back in the colors I am doing my "craft" side of the pantry...remember that? I am almost done with it, just some painting to do and some cute labeling...but had some time on my hands so I decided to make pens...I think they are super sass-ey!

So they match these fabric covered cork board squares I put up....FUN!!
Here is the "food" side of the pantry....thats been done a while's alot of room more than what this pic shows and I LOVE IT!!

This has been the longest project I have ever worked on...besides a! I think it's because nobody sees it....but I will hopefully be done before summer...I know but that gives me awhile..heehee! and time AND money....y'know I am on a!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap...(picture overload!)

We started off this weekend with going to the Arizona Easter Pageant at the Temple Thurs. night...that was alot of fun..other than waiting for like 45 min. in line at KFC..ugg...but none the less we got there and got a place to park and sit....kinda far away but my kids have seen it every year so it was still good! We took Grandma Joyce with us too....the kids loved that!

Then Friday afternoon the kids had no school so we went to see Hannah Montana the cute...I just love her...and I am sooo envious of the relationship her and her dad really do have...thier song was so sweet....I was just bawlin....!

So then on Saturday we had our Ward's Easter egg Hunt....and it was has never rained on us like that before..! Bella did good but when she was done SHE WAS we left sooner than we wanted..but if was still fun to see her get her little eggs!!

Then on Sunday the kids had to find thier Easter Baskets...before church, but it went smoothly to my surprise..we have church at 8:30 in the morning! and got there on time can you believe it..whew! Our pictures are cute..and little Bella is a ham...! We had our "family" easter egg hunt..then had Easter dinner with the missionaries...It was such a great weekend and the time we reflected on our savior and the sacrifice he made for us, every year I love to see my kids' testimonies grow of him and thier love they have for him, it makes me feel so good and it is worth the struggles we have sometimes to keep the world out of our family and our home. I hope these memories will stay with them thier whole lives!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bella's Easter Dress, Bow and Basket..!

Who's says you can't mix Zebra and Easter??? Remember who you are talking to....I think I am Zebra's BiGgEsT! Anyhow our family does this tradition where we match for Easter...Thanks to my good friend Mel who got me hooked on this! I found the two girl's dresses at Burlington Coat Factory for under 10 bucks and they are a black floral print with a big hot pink then got Bells dress at Old Navy....but I added the zebra and the tulle skirt into you like the ruffle and the "wedding" tulle? It is soooo cute on her, can't wait till she wears it!
Got this zebra headband over at Claire's at the mall, cut and sewed it to fit Bells head and then attached a hot pink flower that I already had....easy peasy..!This pail I already had....but added a "knotted" tutu around it, very cute. that way she can wear it too when Easter is over...FUN! I am not doing much with the girls' dresses except adding a zebra ribbon onto the pink one, I picked up a zebra knit sweater for Sabrina to wear over her dress, and Cambrie still deciding what to do.....The boys are wearing black khaki's and white shirts....WAS THINKN hot pink ties.....but prob.not....isn't Easter really a girl thing to get pretty??heehee
Do you all dress pretty??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I figured it out...!

Thanks Joelle...I added this cute black small ball trim ribbon I had and then added some tulle into a pretty looks SOOO much better!! Now I am off to finish adding sass to my girl's easter dresses!

I love THIS!!

Framed Family Mission Statement...!

I have been wanting to put this together for my family, even typed it up....but then never got around to do the wood frame that I bought...but a friend of mine is having a birthday...and technically for the friends birthday luncheon we are not supposed to buy a gift...but I didn't buy this I made I think THAT is ok!!lol
The pics don't do it justice! I used fabric paper, but because the frame is so big, a 12x12 piece I had to cut to I am not sure I like the lines you can see...mmmm...any suggestions??
I roughed it around the edges and glittered the sides of the frame....cute!

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Our Daily Pirates"...FHE lesson!

I also got my packets done for the FHE group I am in! I was trying really hard to upload my whole lesson onto scribd...but I use Printmaster...and so ran into difficulty..I am not a computer genious....sorry..but I did take some pics. So hopefully those out there can at least see the outline and put it together that way...! Trying to be organized I always use a FHE checklist.....

This is the outline... Cannon Ball recipe (coconut and chocolate balls) and blacklines...
Pictures from the friend..which I got off searching the Friend Magazine....also the story is from there. Actually the ship was just a random pic of internet.
Made up this game.....FUN!


This lesson is on Prayer...and praying for the Daily Pirates in our life that we can pray for help and strength on. The game is cute...on the hunt tells you where to put the clue cards at and the kids have to search for that clue..and I also included a "Make a pirate costume" idea list so the kids can dress up as pirates for the hunt. I included a laminated sword...the boys will love that! The treasure is a treasure clipart with candy next to it...which is "Prayer". I also inlcuded "Activity sheets" (pirate themed) off of for the kiddos, songs, scripture, and a discussion paragraph to look up in the scriptures on what prayer is and how, why and when we should pray....I really love makin up lessons for FHE.....the best way to do it is to just find a good story, poem, or talk and base the whole lesson around that...

This is how I organize all my lessons into these plastic totes and hanging file folders with a label...nice and that!