Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This weekend has been one of those crazy ones where everything and something is going on!! On Friday night the Johnston's and us went to the Temple to see the lights....it was so beautiful...every year it's tradition that we go and take hot chocolate and get out those gloves and jackets and every year it gets that much more beautiful! We also went in to see "Our Savior's Birth" and "Heavenly Father's plan for the family" movies. Love both of those so much. I try hard to keep the "Christ" in Christmas as much as possible! And this definetly does it! I couldn't even imagine knowing and carrying the savior in my belly....I think I would probably think and rethink everything I was doing and not to mention how I would raise him...wow Mary was an amazing women to carry out that plan! What inspiration to me..!
But we had a fun time as usual, I love just hanging out with my family and to be close to my kids especially at the temple, I hold that dear to my heart!

I have to say just before this picture Colton said.."Mom these lights are almost as beautiful as you are"....I love you my sweet colts..! and then the pic above Ray said "Did I tell you how stunning you are to look at?"....gosh my men are so super sweet, the boys definetly get all the sweetness from thier dad...love ya all my boys!!

I loved the display of all the nativity scenes...so pretty and from all around the world...wonderful!
This christmas tree is my absolute favorite tree of all.....I love the temple pictures as the main focus, and of course love the colors...even though it's not black and red..heehee!

I love the displays....awesome



Sweet Sabrina..

Sweet Bells....

These kids are so FUN to be with!! I really do enjoy thier company..!


Aranne and Dan said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. It is nice to know it has finally gotten chilly in AZ. We are going to see the lights in Utah next weekend and I can hardly wait!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I live on the west side~Litchfield Park area. :)