Friday, November 13, 2009

Bella cheering me up..!

I have for a week...I have probably another week of dealing with it, but it is finally letting down. I have never had Bronchitis and hope that I never get it again! Dealing with this and still throwing up is the worst! It hurts to breath and then you have this uncontrollable urge to cough until you feel like passing out! and also MAJOR headaches too...{Not to mention being pregnant and having Gunnar on my bladder peeing every time I coughed...FUN!} I never thought I would get out those pads while being pregnant..heehee I was down on the couch for 3 full days feeling like I just wanted to I picked up my journal and started back reading through all my other pregnancies, can you believe that I am only sick like this with the boys....crazy! Maybe it's just the boy hormones my body can't deal with, anyhow I am trying to stay positive and am grateful that I can even have babies, as I know there are soo many who cannot. For someone who has never had a glorious pregnancy, who absolutely hates it only because I seriously feel like someone shoved me out and replaced her with someTHING else, cannot explain to anyone how the heck I am having my sixth one.....all I can say is that I love my babies, thier lives thier breaths, thier tears, thier happiness, and the {joy} they truly bring to my life...I would have six more if I could! I am excited for what awaits each one of them and for thier continued journey of this life. There is alot of things out there that worry me, drugs, sex, addictions, all of that but for some reason I feel already at peace that I know I am doing everything I can to teach them what Heavenly Father wants me to...having said all that.,....boy will I be glad when this pregnancy is over and I can feel like myself again...!!

I took Bells shopping the other day for some winter clothes and picked up this cute hat...and added this huge flower to it.....I love it...she is a gem! I feel the more people that can look at her instead of me is a blessing in disquise, they don't see the pale faced, fatigued look, blemishes galore, flat hair, big belly and clothes that don't fit momma next to her.....LOL!