Monday, March 28, 2011

I swear its gotta be SPRING FeVeR!!!!!

One of my favorite times of the year is coming up...this weekend is General Conference...and I love to do our traditional favorites and adding new ones that I saw from years before!! There are soo many talented created woman out there that I love it when I have an idea and its put together already and BEST of all......SUPER CUTE!!! Cuts my time in half!! Anyhow I wish I could have a name for the blog I found this on....I only saved the actual link and she has no name on there if I come across it now that I am slowly adding blogging to my life again:) I will give credit where credit is due! This is a Conferance Jar....inside are 4 stacks of question slips laminated, and a overhead projector pen (expo va voz). Each stack is color coded for each session of conference (4). Each session each member of the family will get a card to write down thier question and then they put that card back into the jar. Next FHE get the jar out and divide family into two teams, go through questions and whichever team gets the most answers correct gets to serve the OTHER team Ice Cream Sundaes complete with all toppings!! How fun is that!!
Made one for my VT sisters and my family........FUN!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOW!! I'm So FaR BeHinD!!!!

I can't believe how fast the time goes.......My lil' man Gunnar turned 1 this past week and I have mixed emotions! :(:(:(:):):)
1. He gives kisses and hugs!
2. He says "Hi" {well more like "iy"}:)
3. He is officially on goat milk {healthier version of cow milk}
4. Plays with cars and balls {Pass the his favorite game!}
5. Still takes his lil' binkie and loves his blankie {which saves my sanity!}
6. Bella has a little playmate {instead of a baby she can't do real fun things with}
7. Can sit up, crawl and stand up all on his own {at different months accomplished}
8. Eats alot of different finger foods instead of mashed EvErYtHiNg!
9. Loves to be read too and play games with, tickle monster, spider fingers and peek a boo.
10. Loves bathtime and playing in 3 inch water!

SAD AND MORE sad...*sniff sniff*
1. He no longer nurses:( {stopped around 9 mos when he got his two front teeth 2 wks apart}
2. I miss his newborn baby cry and skin and hair and smell most of all...{thank goodness for baby lotion..ha!}
3. I can't carry him in my baby sling anymore...way too big and heavy! {29 pounds this boy is!}
4. No longer in his super cute fun brown and tan zebra carrier!:(
5. He doesn't like to be wrapped up like a lil' burrito...:(
6. He now makes crazy food and toy messes..{more for me to}
7. I promised my hubby no more bling and zebra when he turned the big it's sports stuff..
blah and boring..!ha!
8. StInKy DiApErS!!...yuck!
9. Right now he is going thru his 3rd separation anxiety phase..more than my others went thru!
10. Going to church is THE most difficult time right now, sitting down 2nd and 3rd hr is so hard for him although he is VERY cautious in nature he is all boy and wants to be curious (well as long as mom is there by him:).....and our church time is at 12:30...ugg naptime and lunchtime..! THE WORST...and all of us LDS moms know this...not fun!lol..

Above all.....Gunnar has been a true joy to me and to our family and he brings happiness and love more into our home! His sweet smiles and laughs keeps us all in that innocent happy child like spirit in us all and we have so much fun with him. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world and even though I will miss those little joys of him being a little baby..he will always be my baby no matter what and am thankful for the memories we have created with him this last year!!

Gunnar Dean Patino March 2011