Saturday, July 11, 2009

All about.....BaPtIsMs..!!

Since I am on this scrapbooking thing..along with alot of other "crafty" stuff on my mind, Cambrie turns the big 8 in February and so I have been thinking of things for that. Now I have done this 3 times for my kids and like 7 other times for friends and family members I feel like I do something to the same effect every time...don't get me wrong, each one is different and taylored around that person but I want something different....any ideas?? I am all about traditions, starting them and doing for anyone needing a new tradition for Sabrina's baptism I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, got my favorite gramma Joyce and she showed me my first sewing lesson and she helped me make a white "comforter" for her and that was very SPECIAL and she loves it.I told her that when she needed to feel "comforted" that she could take this white comforter and wrap it around her, pray for the Holy ghost and that he would touch her heart to help her when she needed it that the Holy Ghost was like this comforter, to feel peace, love and warmth.... I will have to post about her baptism next and show anyways I will probably do that for Cambrie too....
So anyhooo this is Colton's Baptism Scrapook that I made...I like it and think it is really cute..thought I'd share! Next I will do Sabrina's and when I get the baptism album from my good friend Kell who by the way just got baptized 4 weeks ago I will post about that too...FUN!

This is where everyone attending signed.....It also has a section where each one of us wrote down our testimonies for him....

Gotta keep the cards.....

This is his baptism program....

This is his invitation to his baptism...

So I have the big barn stars and decorated the table centerpiece with the stars and pics of Colton the same ones in his book (closeups) was cute..being his birthday is in July...!
So any traditions that you do for your kids' baptisms? Please Share..!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

ScRaPbOoKiNg anyone...?

Got together with some girlfriends and did some scrapbooking pages...some of them don't have pics yet..but will put some in...I think they are cute! I wish however that I could say I was a total scrapaholic....which I AM NOT...I find that I have so many kids...TONS of pictures and really just overwhelmed with the whole thing...ugg...someday!!
Also put some fun paper on these notebooks for school for the kids!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Colts..!

My lil' man Colton turns the big 10 today....can't believe how big this kid has gotten! I am grateful that he is turning out to be such a good boy...Colton is very loving and kind and is always compassionate about others and how they are feeling..he is very sensitive and will be the first one to cry about anything. He also takes care of his momma and is always making sure that I am ok or if I need help...He is the best ever...Love You Colts forever!! Hope you have a great day...we have decided to wait until after our vacation and after school starts to have his "Colton's Campground" Party...stay tuned for that...I have alot of fun things planned for this...any ideas let me know!!

These are just some fun random pics of him I found....

I felt bad after taking this pic, because when he got off he threw up from the ride and all along I was trying to get him to smile......sad!

He always loved when I gave him a haircut...but now he's older and I am not good with "older"!

I love this one he is such a cute lil' baby...!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th CeLeBrAtIoN!!

First we went to Denny's for breakfast.....we love that place for breakfast food...then we came home and got ready for Bigsurf...I know again....we got the season passes so we go there alot!..We met the Johnstons and Moons for some fun family time...then we came home and got ready to go see fireworks! We went to the "Living Word" christian church in Mesa...and it was alot of fun, brought blankets and got our favorite KFC met up with some longtime friends the Bailey's and just hung out until the show was an awesome show. Bells was a little scared at first but was ok afterwards! After that we went to the Johnstons for some more swimming and dessert and also watched "The other side of Heaven" love that movie! All in all it turned out to be a great fun day and night!!

We did however manage to get a good family pic.....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hot Pink and Cheetah for Bella and Baby...

I made this cute cozie for Bells...not like she really needs another one, well actually messed up on an order and so poor Bells gets all the messed up ones, but she doesn't have been wanting to make a blanket for Baby our other dog for his cage that he LoVeS!! I think it's cute, but Cambrie keeps reminding me he is a boy not a girl..and so I told her that he was a "TrEndY" boy dog and that the blanket doesn't have ruffles....she said "oummm"! FUN!!

Bella is getting SOO big......!!

I have been soo lazy busy that I am finally blogging about this little girl who turns two at the end of this month! I was so excited that I could finally put cute little bows in her hair! and this picture with a spoon in her mouth reminds me just how big she really is getting.....!!
Eating at Texas Roadhouse....
giddiup cowgirl...!

Eatin cake mix!!