Thursday, February 26, 2009

My FiRsT Apron...!

Okay I just love LoVe LOVE seriously it's the ONLY reason I am able and GET things done, otherwise it just stays on my "brain" checklist!!!

Cambrie is having her "Chef Cambrie's Kitchen" party to celebrate her 7th birthday and so this was my "deadline" to finally make this ABSOLUTELY cute thing....but remember folks I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS, I am NOT AN EXPERT, I have NEVER TAKEN SEWING CLASSES, and DON'T ZOOM IN...because you will definetly be disappointed when you see all my mistakes..well only to the "SEW EXPERTS" out there!lol!!

So of course you take a deep breath and tell yourself you can do this like -A ZILLION times...chow down on some MiLkDuDs (baby!) and attempt to do this with no yes during and afterwards you realize what you should do differently and hope that the next one comes out perfectly....well almost..!!

I am hoping that somehow somewhere I inspire someone to take that leap........

I might add .....BIG LEAP....!!heehee!

Small Wipee case....

I decided to rip off the old one and give this case a new fresh LoOk!! What do you think?? Am I just really over doin' the zebra or WhAt!! I thought this actually was alot easier to hot glue and work with because the fabric was alot thicker than the other one I used, and I didn't have to do a ribbon trim to hide the we will see how long this one lasts. They tend to get dirty and raggedy looking after a while, but hey at least it looks good! I was joking around the other day with a friend when we were at the mall...pulling out my trendy sassy wipee holder so EVERYONE could see it....hahaha....I'm a snot!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Beginnings Night...!

We just had our New Beginnings the other night and it turned out soo good! We decided to go with the theme "A Treasure in his Heart" that I had found off of since it was the month for Valentine's was perfect! We also showed a video that I had also found on Youtube with the song "Beautiful to Him". We had pictures of the girls and some quotes in there as was such a great video! I also made some other hearts with the values on them for 8 girls to explain each value with the scripture and then they put thier heart on the chalkboard..cute! Here is how we decorated for the theme:

Our YW president is great at food and displaying it ....almost too pretty to eat!!

Our Primary presidency made these blocks but had pics on each side and then the new theme for the year with a scripture...I really thought it was I decided to do something similar and came up with this....gotta of course add the glitter and tulle! Over at (the link is on my sidebar) they made some blocks, but the good thing is that you can download thier super cute that's what I used for the theme, with some cute scrap paper!

It was a fun night and I think we made it special for all the girls and especially for the "new" beehives! I forgot to mention that we had the moms spotlight thier daughters that were new into YW...and that was really neat to hear what the moms had to say!
I know I have said it before...but I am truly honored to be a part of such an amazing program and such wonderful beautiful girls....what an inspiration!

Valentine's Day...and a necklace!!

I have been soo super busy as we "moms" are....I almost forgot to post let alone remember how to post..ha ha this pic is of the girls that morning....Bella would not stay still, so Cambrie's cute hair is cut off.....she said that was ok!
And this was a necklace I made for Sabrina to wear...Cambrie didn't want to wear one, she says they get in the way of running at recess...go figure!

This day is always busy for me, on the 13th it is Cambrie's birthday but because it fell on a Friday....anyhow she ended up being really sick and missing out on her birthday fun at school. So on Saturday which is Valentine's Day I do the "Love Bug" and got these cute heart plates and filled them up with just fun valentinesy candy and was cute but no pic! We took cambrie out for her birthday dinner over at Jake's Place..not my favorite but hey the birthday girl gets what she wants..right! At school on Monday we celeberated her class with treats and the usual "Birthday Crown" the girls wear to school. Her birthday party is this Saturday and it is going to be a "Cooking" party. Should be fun...stay tuned because it will be really cute!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Easy Teacher Valentines...!

On Wednesday for YW....we did these cuties....I have seen the infamous "cake pops" and thought there is no way we could bake those little things in an hour and at the my first thought was to do mini marshmallows and then to do the big ones on sticks..THEN saw them over at Grace her blog btw! They were soo easy and the girls had so much fun!
The kids decided they wanted to do these for thier teachers...since I had all the stuff for them I said...ABSOLUTELY!!
We made like a Ray is giving some to his workers at the shop and the kids have some extra to give to thier was a fun night!
LOL trying to get a professional shot....yeah right NOT happening!!heehee

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cute Valentine shirts for the girls...

Sabrina reminded me about shirts for Valentines Day.....and I was glad to tell her I had all the stuff to make them...I got these tanks at Target for $1.48 on sale..can't go wrong with that price! and the fabric I already had and the rhinestones!! I just took a cardstock and folded it in half, cut out the heart for the template and then cut the heart into 3 pieces and then used the pieces to cut the fabric....easy! I freehanded the "LOVE" with E-6000 and then glittered it..Sabrina's idea...she is so creative that girl! I went to Ribbons and lace and got some cute chunky zebra ribbon for thier hair. For Bella over at Gap they had all thier valentine outfits on sale and so got her this really cute heart jumpsuit for %65 off PLUS friends and family day percent off...FUN!!
I used again the glue to create puffy dots and then glittered them....rhinestones on the other dots.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Visiting Teaching Message....

These turned out sooo cute...except that I had to travel to 3 Targets before I got to Michaels to get the tin mailboxes..and spent $3 more than I wanted to...only because they were a $1 at Target...I hate that! Inside is postcards that have the message on it. Actually 5 total because the message had just 5 quotes on the Divine Role of Women. The recipe is a yummy strawberry cake that I got from a friend of is so yummy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Valentine's card...!

I got this Martha Stewart glue PAD....yes PAD...and have to say I was totally stoked on this, but NOT impressed..sorry Martha I do love you..(or should I say "behind the scenes" staff..!) It was hard to work with and I had to use the refill glue to get even enough glue on my stamp for the glitter to be enough! Or maybe my glue pad was just too dry..mmm.

any how this card was simple and very the pink houndstooth!

Valentines-y Banner...!

Got this done awhile ago, but have been so busy lately with the kids and just life..!! I think it turned out yeah HAD to put the zebra in there somewhere...heehee!

I really like the it all at Scrapbooks etc. and some at Divine Memories...!