Saturday, August 30, 2008

Girly Do's: Curlers

Check out this site she is giving away her first giveaway! This is one of my favorite hair sites where I have gotten alot of ideas on doing my girl's hair in really cute styles...this girl is so creative with hair I can't even explain it....just check out her site, you won't regret it!

This is one of THREE different items she is giving away.....this one is my favorite

Date with R.J.!

Yesterday R.J. and I went on our little lunch date to Costa Vida...which he has never been before and wow I forgot that lunch hr. is soo crazy over there. We were in line for like 20min. but it was well worth the wait because the food is awesome...We had a great little talk about friends, grades and teachers and of course a little of football!
We had so much fun. R.J. is so very polite and respectful. He is like my little husband that opens the doors and takes care of alot of things for me when we are out. He is sooo helpful and I am always told he looks like he just adores me!! We do have a great mother/son relationship and I am so grateful for such a wonderful little man he is becoming! His 14th birthday is just around the corner and can't believe how fast the years are going. I'm getting all teary eyed right now just thinking about it! But he will always be my little poochie!!

Our table was seriously he is here trying to fix it
We went to the Marble Slab for ice cream and had the girl take our picture...
Thanks for being such a great kid R.J., you mean the absolute world to me and just love you sooo much!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Super Saturday question!

Ok so awhile back I was asked to do Super Saturday which this will be my 5 th year....NOT complaining...just totally stoked that they keep asking ME of all people to do it! Really though in our ward we have such incredibly talented women who like to learn and show off thier talents...lucky for me it makes my job a whole lot easier. Most the time I try to figure out what kind of projects I think people would like to do, I ask alot of sisters in the ward their interests and then try to fit that project with the right person to put it all together and BAM! You've got a great productive day....well at least try to get at least one project done...heehee!

So here are the ones I have found someone to do, some are not the exact project yet as they have until next Sat. to get a picture to me so I can post them on our very 1st SSaturday blog...FUN!

1. Boy's crayon holder and Girls' crayon holder...

2. Boy's super hero cape... (this is a MAYBE)3. Photo holder...
4. Silhouette frames..
5. Family frame with vinyl...
6. Canvas ribbon holder...( the actual idea is a little different) 7. No sew tutu..

8. Freezer stenciling.. (MAYBE, waiting for a call back) 9. Glass etching on pans... ( Yeah, finally figured this one out!)
10. The shelf on the wall..(idea from pottery barn!) Go Shannon!!

There are two other "maybe's" right now, a christmas stocking holder and another one not sure yet what it is, and I may not be doing the cape as there is already a sewing class (..crayon holders) and this will tie up the machines, but the tutu is a fun easy gift to give..
These, again are not the actual photos of the class projects but I will post them next week
What do ya think????

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Cute Idea...

Fancy Drop Off Lunch Boxes.......for your kids or hubby.

Except for him probably different food..heehee. But I love this idea I found over at Blissfully Domestic (great site), since I do lunch with the kids once a week. They still would like to go somewhere or me bring them lunch from a restaraunt, but really you could do so much with this idea.....make it a theme or somethin...totally cute!
Here are some other "lunchbox ideas":

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All things that GLITTER!

So I finally made this in which I have seen on one of my favorite blogs, but she had no tutorial so I figured you can't go wrong with mod podge right? This along with packaging tape I use with everything! So first you get your cup, I got mine at seven eleven and your supplies:

Then you take your cup and paste the mod podge on it like this:
Sprinkle the glitter and let dry. Give it another coat of mod podge and repeat glitter process. (FYI make sure the first application is completely dry, around 2 hours) Also, make sure you leave the top ring of the cup without glitter so you can still put a lid and straw on it!

Then just embellish it with whatever you would like. All of these supplies I had around the house, just not the cup....heehee!

I plan on doing this as a tradition for my girls at school for their birthdays when I come to eat lunch with them, and friends as well....maybe the young women birthdays....FUN!!
The finished project......What do ya think?

I just love my hubby!

The other night my guy Ray went to Fry's for some last minute grocery shopping and came home with this - I have been wanting this for awhile, but never wanted to pay the price for it, which he knew that, but he actually got it for $5.99 ! It was an "open" box one ( I thought open box meant NO box?) and he just happened to walk down the aisle with all there kitchen appliance stuff and it was just sitting there! I have to say I am very proud of him for first: just noticing it there, and second for getting it at such a great deal, like what they are $30 dollars or something like that!

Ray is however very thoughtful of me, he gets me flowers just about every week...he is a total romantic. However he does spend too much money on stuff that he gets, like my $600 Coach diaper bag and my $350 Luis Vutton can go on and on, but I do appreciate him, at least I am not spending his money, he is...he says I deserve the world...aaghhhh!! Love you Babe!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Want some Cherry pie in a jar...?

I saw this on another blog a while back and since have forgotten which one it I attempted this on my own. I just took my apple pie crust recipe and filled an open mouth jar with the dough, and then spooned out the cherry pie filling into it, did a little cute heart shape and baked it at 400degrees. It turned out great. I wanted to do these for our family P.I.E. night and freeze these ahead of time and give everyone their own individual pie. Our P.I.E (Personal Interview Evaluation) night is an interview with each of our kids to just discuss one on one any problems they might be having. Our family loves this and so I wanted to start it up again since school has already started. (summers are lazy for us around here!) I feel like football and cheer season not to mention school in general has taken over our life and now Sunday will be our "Monday" FHE etc.. A good friend of mine did this a couple of years ago for an Enrichment and explained a binder type "Family"calendar. I've seen them be called Home Command Binder also. Mine has phone numbers, an address book, Mon-Sunday cleaning list, grocery list with an insert for coupons, my weekly menu for breakfast lunch and dinner, bills to pay etc... It keeps me organized. When I get a chance I will post some pics of my binder.

Anyhow, these would be really cute for a christmas gift or visiting teaching gift as well....mmm...

Cute Idea!

These are called edible crayons and look so stinkn cute, I wish I would have seen this before for my back to school survival kit. But for lunches this is adorable and fun. Check out for downloading her crayon labels......CUTE!

All you need is:

pretzel rods

white chocolate bark

food coloring

wax paper

Break or cut pretzel rods in half.-Melt candy melts or chocoalte chips in microwave on medium heat for 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking at 15 second intervals until melted. Stir well. Add a few drops food coloring if desired.-Dip ends of pretzels in melted candy and place on wax paper. let cool
wrap label around pretzel and tape

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This 4th post is a record!

I saw this on my friend's blog and wanted to post them. I think this is a great idea and I wanted to help spread the world, plus this lady is super talented as you can see. These are photos that portray Christ interacting with modern day children in different real life situations. Prints will be available for purchase very soon. She will be donating proceeds to foundations envolving helping children. She is still in the works of getting things together ... looking for children's foundations and churches that would like to help participate with this project, by hosting exhibits, and helping to spread the word so that she can help more children, through the purchase of the prints. The exhibits will be nation wide, this holiday season. She is looking for help nation wide in this effort. Check her blog for updates on these events. She will have a site and blog up soon for this project. Until then just back on her blog. I Put these up though because I absolutely love these pictures of Christ in a modern day setting.....very peaceful. her blog is and these are called "Captured Miracles" Just love it!!

Alot on my mind today can you tell...?

Ok so I was called to be in the Young Women's and I have to talk tomorrow in church.....and I am feeling better today than last week! There is so much to this program that I just get so excited just thinking about it! Our YW are so blessed to have such a wonderful program to help them to become women of is set up just perfectly and has seven values that the girls have to do projects and share experiences to help them gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. It also teaches and shows them how much they are loved and valued and to have self worth and purity.

I am excited to be a part of this program and to help these girls achieve just that! Totally amazing to me!

Today was Cheer and Football picture day for all our kids and it was so fun but SOOO HOT! I think all the kids are so amazing to be able to cheer and play football out in the heat with very minimal complaints....WOW!
The outfits that the girls are wearing are not their actual cheer uniforms as they have not come in yet.....bummer..but they still looked so good and man they knew their cheers! I guess almost every night for 3 weeks of practice paid off....WHEW! This is their first year doing cheer and I thought they would like to have something to do while the boys played football, it's hard work juggling it all but they love it so much!