Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Craft Post...

Ok so I thought I would post on some crafts I HAVE accomplished!! That is probably why I am such a bad BAD blogger..I'd rather craft when I do have the time....These are my curtains in my room...this room let me tell the worse thing in my house!  I hate my room....but I am slowly getting it together sorta like these curtains..which are not even what in my mind will be when fully done...I just added the burlap ruffles to them on the I said...I AM NOT DONE WITH THESE!  Ongoing craft on this one....

I painted chalkboard on some of my fun

Made my own laundry and dishwashing detergent...and LOVE it!! I added extra things to mine and maybe will post this seperately with a recipe...(don't hold me to it folks)

Aww these are my primary kid's BOM church bag! SUPER CUTE and easy! yes I got released from YW presidency and called to teach 4-5 yr olds...major difference...but I loved YW but something with these kids get me every time!..I love teaching primary one of my favorite callings!
Pretty Bells showing off these super cute leggings I added lace trim too...I know super easy...but I got these "arm" warmers at Styles For Less for my creativity perked up..she gets complimented every time she wears them....and I quietly grin:)

Ok so my new favorite place is Merchant Square! If you haven't gone you need too!! My mom has a booth there so I will go with her now and then and just browse is a "makeover queen"'s dream home! Seriously! They have vintage and old everything....and some that have taken the hard work and done it for this bench..I picked up for 20 bucks!!! I have it in my front porch...I made these super cute pillow..and the burlap one is blank on the other side so I flipped it for November...I know super smart I am:)

October VT handout...I just made some halloweeny bark and put a cute tag on:)

Yes I love burlap these days can you tell?..this was a canvas I got at the DI for 50 cents...I covered it with burlap, made the flower and uses a fluer de les it!
Also got this crate at Merchant Square....added the tin piece they had there and stenciled the number, added the balls:)
I have soo much more to post on my fun things but next time:)

Kids First Day of School 2010

Here are some pics of the kids and thier first day of school....With 6 kids I feel like I never get anything done....but when I look at my blog I can see that I do!!  Anyhow here is sweet Bells starting Pre K for the second yr...she has really improved on her speech:)

Pretty Cams

Pretty Bree
Handsome Colts

Stunning Rj...yes I have a 17yr old with his own truck! Actually this was his 16th present I never blogged about...but this truck is identical to Hubs high school truck that he used to take me out on for dates...its crazy all these yrs have flown by...:( SO you can imagine the Hubs excitement when he found this baby for sale! I think Hubs drove it more than the boy..ha!

Bells gets to ride this lil' school bus every morning.  At first I was a little scared..but the two lady busdrivers are seriously the sweetest people and so caring and so fun...I have gotten to know them pretty well! My kiddos don't do the bus thing...but this age there is no bullying and all the bad stuff..just the fun cute 7 kids singing songs almost like my memories of going to girls

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bella's 4yr BiRtHdAy Party!!

I know Where do I even's been soo long! Well this was alot of fun to put together so I thought I would share it first. I decided to wait until school started so her lil friends could come and also vacation time over with, so we had her party a few weeks later...good thing is she had no idea it was late! Yes crazy it is because they are only 3 and 4 yr olds....why do you ask that I spent so much time into all the details?? Because its SO MUCH FUN!! I love when the day of something everything fits together and it truly looks exactly what I imagined it to be....even if I don't do ALL that I had planned, it still comes out perfectly in the end!

Again never in order:)

This was thier goodie bag....

Bella and some of her friends......
Me and my lil girl:)
Loved making this pennant for her cupcake....
They made crowns and wands....Had to have the crown sandwiches..pb and marshmallow creme
Bella added her own flare to the decorating which I just love!
Her shirt I made....Her Birthday outfit I made for her...yes had to have a tutu..of course!!

Cupcake toppers....
This crown it absolutely my was so fun to put together!Her invites..
Most these ideas I got on the web and new favorite thing....well fairly new! I am also on FB much of my spare is so much easier to just upload anything..haha! I hope everyone is doing Fabulous and will try my hardest to be better at updating this poor blog!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pics of Gunnar and Bella:)

I wanted Pictures of Gunnar for his birthday so I could have them up and decided to add Bells in there.....My friend Jen Jacobs is a great photographer with a great price and love her work! can reach her at is amazing and fun! I love how these turned out.
Sweet Face!

I have this huge in my front room on a floor standup it!

Pretty Bells:)

This was a Matilda Jane outfit....soo cute!

This one I absolutely love...she does this to him all the time:)

These two kids of mine are the most funnest sweet ever! Well all my kids are but just something about having "older" kids than having two smaller ones! Sure you can't go to the scrapbook store or grocery shopping while the others are at school....or WORK OUT at the gym because you are too worried about the 17 yr old watching a million bratty mean kids and you walk in and yours are crying in the corner........but hey I wouldn't change it for the world....and besides I can go when my others GET HOME...ha! Life is Fun and being a mom makes it even BETTER!

Gunnar's 1st Birthday Party...!

I cannot believe this little guy is 1 yrs old already! It seriously goes way too fast for me! I meant to have his party a little earlier but things kept happening....big things that I just couldn't do it and then Easter came! But it was a blast putting all the little details together! First it starts with your I was at the scrapbook store for 3 HOURS!!!! When I figured that out then getting the fabric and others to match was super easy! I always buy more than I need in case I need more and I get there and they are out! Worst thing ever for that to happen and it did once for non other than Girls Camp!

Anyhow...these pics are not in random order so bare with me!:)

This was his invitation....some of those balls are fabric only because I could not find paper to match....I think its stinkn cute!

Here is his Birthday it and this was easy to make!

His Adorable hat that HE WOULD NOT WEAR!! Owell it was fun to make:)

opening his gifts:)

Me with my sweet birthday boy:)Love him sooo much!

He was not quite sure about this cake..ha!

The cupcakes and cake that my friend made for me...I added the pendant toothpicks:)

The banner hanging up...and yes I sewed those little circles together....but surprisingly this took like 10 min......seriously easy and oh so cute! I also added th White ball trim!

Gunnar's candy store....found all of this at walmart...complete with the little metal scoopers....crazy!

Seriously need a new camera!.....but I love how this all came together...AND I love my Posterboard of my lil man........super cute!

Yes...those are pickle jars glued to a candle stick stand. Sabrina painted the tops white and then we added candy:)

This pic is not good at all.....but if you can see I redid his highchair pad.....added the pendant banner around it.......I think thats the only time anyone saw the birthday hat....ha!

Balls outside everywhere!

His timeline...I still have this up in my house I don't want to take it down!

This was by the front door......:)

Gotta have the tissue balls:) Love the Houndstooth ones:)

His candy bag:)

I love throwing parties.......and most importantly to show my kids how much they are loved and mean to thier family. Sure the details don't matter....but I love to put it together and its bonding time for me and my girls especially:0) All of this will go in his 1yr scrapbox so he will have it later and I hope my kids enjoy that!