Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All in a day...my crazy busy life....!!!

So this pic is from today when I took Sabrina out for her birthday lunch date...we went to Costa Vida..(of course!!) She is munchin away...

So is Bella....

This girl is almost a true vegetarian...she could live off of salad and vegetables and fruit..she can only eat a little bit of sweets when she does....what a green girl!!

This is when we went out to Uno's for her birthday dinner..(don't we eat out alot...geeshhh!!) My friend Kel took a ton of these pics and couldn't get the right one, but this is one that I like to call "The MANY faces of the Patino's..)heehee

Oh yeah, can ya tell I got my hair done?...darker and chunkier...yeah!! I love It thanks Stephanie!!

Sabrina with her dessert...YUM!! (Express myself R.J.....!)He's watchin me post...

Blowing her candle..!

Here's Cams makin her own pizza...cute!

A silly shot of us outside...

Strike a POSE!!! GO GIRL!! (giddy)

Here is Bella on Monday...I took R.J. out for Pizza so that we could open up his letter to find out if he made basketball or not, he didn't make it (he has never really played on a team before anyways) but now he is on the wrestling team..dad was happier about that they have been wrestling every night and everywhere...ugg! Dad was a wrestler in High School...!

Havin fun on the rides....cutie pie!

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Kellee Johnston said...

I personally Love the family photo! Thanks to all of you for your patience during the photo session :) Thanks for including us Sabrina We love you guys!