Friday, November 21, 2008

Personal Progress Night 08'...!

Can I just say how Wonderful this night was....! Personal Progress is when once a year the girls get to "show off" thier projects that they have completed that fall under a value. A value consists of several things that they have to do and complete that helps them to live that value everyday of thier life and also to build thier testimonies. This night started off at first being casual dress and casual snacks to church dress and a light dinner with a cute theme which was "A Diamond In The Rough". I was lucky enough to be able to do the decorations which is right up my alley! Of course with the theme it had to look pretty and elegant and I think with my budget of $50 I pulled it off quite well..!
The table with the balloons were the value tables and the girls put thier projects under thier value. By the way can you believe the party store did NOT have brown balloons??? I need to write a letter and do some complaining....geeshh! My friend was so sweet to go get the closest thing to brown and it worked! Thanks so much Jody!!

So those brown bag things...can you guess?? Yep boulders or big rocks you know "in the rough"!! This was the buffet table, later I put a sign with the theme....

We had a dance performance on the stage so I put some boulders on each side..cute!
The dance was so good, they were sisters that taught eachother one yoga and one a dance!!

The pic doesn't do justice, but I filled each of these apothecary jars with sand, then pebbles and then put these "fake" diamonds in the middle, had to dress it up with all the tulle, ribbon and shrink paper...! I used my mirrors and put tulle and the shrink paper under neath on top of the satin squares, tossed some pebbles and shimmering stones....Beautiful!!!

It turned out perfect!! Also the tag had shimmering glitter but you can't see it in the pic..I have more pics to come that I haven't gotten yet. I'll post those later..

We had opening prayer, then got to eat. The food was so yummy and so perfect for the night! We had our Personal Progress gal give a little talk on "A diamond in the Rough" how a diamond becomes a diamond, first as a piece of coal then through a long intense process and with great technique through a master is cut and shaped into a beautiful diamond.. She talked about how this applies to us as daughters of God and as our master and with our determination and testimonies we can be shaped and cut into beautiful diamonds with strong testimonies, good self esteem and talents that we can develop and share with others. It was such a great talk....awesome Sheri!

We had one of the girls sing a BEAUTIFUL song that touched me soo much! She felt the spirit so strong towards the end, That I couldn't help but let those tears fall! It was really neat and inspiring to see her feel the was a sweet experience for me and for everyone I am sure. We also had a couple of piano players that also played beautiful music! The spirit was so strong.....I definetly felt like I helped to set the tone, to help create a spiritual experience like we were asked to in our stake leadership meeting! It is neat to see us leaders have our own little touches to add to a perfect was so sweet to get so many compliments from everyone, the girls the parents even our stake president and her counselor were there..she came to me and said that this was amazing and that she could see that we put alot of time and thought into the night....which we did!! It felt good to also hear our YW president say she knew she picked the right ladies to be her counselors...Thanks Betty!

I love to see the girls have such a good time, to know that there was an effort to make that evening so special...just for them that what they are doing, passing off thier values that it does mean something and it is so important and that they are important! It was worth spending all day putting it together...FOR THEM!! Thanks girls! I love you all!!!! And thanks to a couple of my friends (Jody and Nicole!) who helped me to set up....I owe you one!!! You are the best!!


Holly said...

Gorgeous!! That turned out so well! Wish I had your creativity!

Tina said...

I love that. Young girls (actually girls of all ages)need to know God thinks their beautiful and has plans for them. I love that your group is investing in your young. I loved that theme and may have to borrow it.
You are an inspiration to young and old.
Have a great weekend.

Letti said...

What a great theme. I am going to have to remember that for later. Your decorations turned out great I love the rocks very clever.

sweetfamily said...

said: Love the Spirit of your creativity..keep up the great job.

RSantiago said...

Is there any way to get a copy of the talk given on this theme?

RSantiago said...

By any chance, do you still have a copy of the talk given by the personal progress leader?