Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Night at the Cannery..!

I called in last month to make an appt for the has changed since the LAST time I was there, which was a long time ago! You can't just show up and can whatever you want, now they have you make appts. and only to can what they have scheduled for that month...The Johnstons came with us since they are family and they were all jokin about not havin the "mormon"! It was sooo funny not to mention the big silver canister lookin things as we pulled up..I was sayin yeah we gotta take a "secret" passage down under ground and show them our badge...heehee!! We were laughin like crazy!!
The kids had such a good time we are planning on coming once a month for a while ...that'll be fun!!

Kellee and I didn't read the instructions about not wearing jewelry, she ended up losing one of her earrings...and so we were jokin about that too..! Luckily my earring broke at dinner! Ray ended up seeing a longtime friend from high school and of course he said..."You Mormon??!!!??!! He gets that alot....he was a crazy kid back then...WAY back then..!


Nicole said...

How fun is that!! I would love to go do that it would be an all day thing for us though. I must say you are looking pretty hot in those shower cap looking things. lol Looks like you had a great time!

Kellee Johnston said...

Thank you from the johnston;s for including us in the shower cap / cannery event! We loved it. Thanks for getting is - fun to be part of the crowd!:) We love you guys

Also love all the other photos, I feel like a star

Melissa said...

I haven't been to the cannery forever! I love that place. It's so much fun. Way to go!

Aranne and Dan said...

The cannery looks like so much fun. I have actually never been. I am not good with stuff like that.

In case you are wondering. I stumbled on your blog (somehow??) and think it is great. I check it out for inspiration. You have such great style and ideas! Thanks for sharing.