Wednesday, November 12, 2008

R.J.'s Football team came in 2nd place at Championships..

R.J.'s football team "the Dawgs" went to Championships again for thier 4th year. They came in 2nd to the same team they lost to last year by one touchdown. This year it was quite a few but his team did thier best!! R.J. is lucky to have such a great dad to coach him again (6 years!) Now he will be playing high school football next year and Ray will coach Colton's team. Ray actually coached Colton's this year too...but geesh that was so chaotic...I am secretly relieved Football season is over... It was an emotional day for him though and such great memories....R.J. you did such a great job and you are such a great athlete..! Love YOU!!
Bella is saying "Mom, I AM DONE!!"
Colton drawing a pic of the field for R.J....

R.J. is #77 in the middle of picGOOD JOB BUDDY!!You are the best in my eyes!!

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roseanne said...

Wow! Great job RJ!! I just love your kids!! Colton cracks me up!