Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am thankful for....

I wanted to put down 10 things that I am grateful for since I have thought alot about them in the past few days, but have been so busy with life and hadn't had a chance to finish this post, I would add and save it until I was done..heehee

1. First and far most.(sounds like a speech...!) I am grateful so very much for my Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus Christ, for his amazing gospel, his love he shows me everyday when I get up in the morning and look around me....
2. MY FAMILY, my beautiful, healthy children, my bestfriend and husband and my two dogs Baby and Dulche'.
3. MY church. I love the ladies I work with and I adore the girls I teach..thier strong testimonies and thier confidence that I didn't have when I was thier age..astounds me! They are truly amazing! I love to give to them and to let them know that they are loved and that they are special..I feel so good when I see them know this and also to see them be touched by the spirit...I just love them all!
4. MY HUSBANDS WORK...we have a family tire business (Ray's New and Used Tires) and even through this tough economy we are pulling strong...I am grateful for what we have and grateful that we don't have space cars and people need used tires now more than ever...(hehehe)
5. MY TRIALS. It is strange that I would say that, but I had a really hard childhood, alot of people don't even know half of what I have gone through nor do they need to know, but those trials are what have shaped me into who I am and has made me see what is really important to me in my life.
6. FORGIVENESS. Without this I would be lost! People who have seriously betrayed the core of my spirit used to have the power of destroying my more through this wonderful commandment of forgiving those who hurt you. I have been free for a long time since I have been able to forgive those few who have hurt me tremendously, I have been able to grow spiritually as well...
7. MY think, feel, believe, live the way I want to! I am grateful for all the people who have helped to give and keep this wonderful thing we have that is called freedom!
8. FRIENDS. You know who you are and what a big part you all are in my life...I have learned and grown from your examples and your love that you show me everyday..thank you so much for that!
9. BEING A MOTHER. What else can I say! I love my kids so much! I would do anything and everything for them, they keep me grounded, happy and full of life even when times can be tough, my kids are turning out to be wonderful children! To be a stay at home mom, to be with them every moment of every day ( well when they are not at school!) to fill my home with love, with Heavenly Father and to create a "Heaven On Earth" is about the best thing I enjoy doing! Everything that comes with being a mother is and has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! SOSO grateful for that!
10. LIFE! I almost feel as if I have the same excitement on life on earth as I must of had in the pre existence because every day I look forward to my trials, my kids growing and learning, thier graduations, weddings and thier gosh..being a grandmother! Phases that will come later in my life like geneology(which I have no desire right now to do..!) being old and working at the temple, seeing my kid's families all together for the holidays and then eventually passing away having relatives wait for me on the other side and then waiting for mine.....OH its just wonderful and I look forward to it with happiness,humility, love and excitement...giddygiddy sniff sniff!

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