Thursday, October 30, 2008

Young Women FUN!

Can you tell I am SOO loving YW's??
We have the BEST girls, they are so much fun and loving and super sweet!! GOOD GIRLS!!

We are awesome leaders...OH YEAH!!

We went to Polar Ice for some ice skating fun.....everyone did a great job, no one got hurt but there were a few blisters.....that's ok!

mmmm someone got a hold of my camera......


Wiggle Worm Preschool said...

Hi Nicole,

I loved your pictures, it was a blast going to Polar Ice with the Young Women. We have the sweetest girls ever! I love working with you in Young Women, you are wonderful! I only made it around the rink 3 times and only fell once, and that was only because I was hanging on the side most of the time. Love you,


Dahly Mama said...

How fun!! I wish I could've been there that night!! I really really wanted to go!!! Looks like a blast! Hopefully we'll do it again for YW's!