Friday, October 31, 2008


We did our toes last night, Sabrina got a tub of water and bubbles to soak our feet in and they each wanted something diffrent...I love that!

WOW my toes look gigantic...heehee!

This morning the girls did this quick flip flop transformation....I had already done the strips for something else I was gonna do but never got around to it, and Sabrina said hey mom let's put these on our flipflops....that girl is a genious!!!

CUTE 5 minutes!!

Here is Sabrina all beautiful that girl...She had some glitter spray that she sprayed on her and Cambrie....They are all sooo dang cute!! The sticker was from the dollar store and the necklaces I made last year!


Can't forget Colts...he just wanted to wear a black shirt, he said it was too girly to dress up...!

Thanks so much you kids for letting mom have some fun with you!! You are soo fun!!


The Meis' Family said...

Love there outfits! Your kids are adorable!

Nicole said...

Those kids are gorgeous!!! I love their poses... and their bows and outfits and shirts... all just darling. You really are super mom. Happy Halloween!