Friday, October 3, 2008

Cute Halloween Pens....!

I saw this idea off of Tipjunkie.....but she used fabric...I think way cute, but wanted to add my signature to them!
This one I hot glued ribbon around the pen using two different ribbons, then added a black boa piece on top using hot glue....cute cute!

This one is like the pom pom pen using fabric, instead I used coordinating ribbon....(squeel with delight!!)

This one is using tulle.......LOVE tulle!!

I plan on doing these for my visiting teachers and teachers at my kids school for a Halloween gift.....FUN!! Sabrina wants to do some too. Colton thought of doing them but gluing a skull head(ones we saw at Walmart..) on top.....that's cute, really there's soooo much you can do.......I swear I need more time in my day!!! Let me know if any of you crafty ladies get some put together...I want to see. Also check out, her fabric pens turned out really cute too...! She has such cute bows that she sells too!!

By the way thanks so much for all your very sweet comments....I am glad to be your inspiration because you are all MY inspiration...(giddygiddy!)


Kaycee said...

Aw thanks girl! Mine aren't near as cute as yours! LOVE those ideas. Fabulous as always :)

michelle said...

I linked to your blog a week or so ago. I was blog hopping, and ran across your cute blog. You have so many wonderful ideas! I think I'll give the pen making a try. Michelle from Gilbert

Aranne and Dan said...

I too was blog hopping and found your blog. You are one crafty lady... I just had a question??? How do you get the ribbon to stay... what kinda glue do you use? All of your halloween crafts are adorable by the way!

Adam & Jessica said...

I love your blog! I tried to make these pens and they did not turn out as good as yours. I think I am using the wrong kind of glue..yca

roseanne said...

oh my!!!! WAY TOO CUTE! I am so stealing this for the prizes I'm donating to Abigails class!