Friday, October 31, 2008

HALLOWEEN 2008 PART 3 (Bellaboo)

This little stinkpot wouldn't sit long enough to get a really good picture......but ain't she cute! She really doesn't need all the friss and froe to look as cute as she is, it's just fun for me!! We went to the store and boy I usually can get in and out but today everyone and thier and mother (especially the elderly!) stopped to play with Bella! GEESHH! but it's super sweet to see people agreeing that she is just so dang stinkn cute!!

UM yeah had to bribe her a little with some peanut butter crunch cereals...her favorite!

This one is my FAVORITE!!
This one is cute but blurry!

This was just her daytime halloween clothes ( did I just say JUST!!lol!)
Her costume is similar to this, can you guess what it is....mmmmm?!
You'll have to wait until I post tonight...probably really late or even tomorrow)

1 comment:

Mandi said...

What a doll! It is a good thing I didn't have a girl or you would have to make everything she would wear. So stinkin' cute!