Monday, October 20, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter....!

Sabrina wanted to do some crafts to decorate her room, so off we went to the dollar store again and picked up this halloween bucket. She got some black glitter and did the face of it and then added the ribbons and a tag that says, "Take one IF you DARE!" She put some candy in the inside....very cute and creative!
She also helped me to put this cute banner together......I think we work great as a team...what do you think??!! She is so cute and always find the fun in everything she does, something so small as these two little crafts she made into such a huge deal, calling her friends and telling them and then so excited to show them......what a cutie!!


Rambling Girl said...

Well looks like I need to get her to make me a Boo sign for my little girls room. I don't think Lexi can quite write her letters yet. She is only 4 but I bet she would love something like this. Great job! Love the punkin also! Creative young lady you have there.

Melissa said...

Very cute! Like mother like daughter.