Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look what I did today...!

Canned for the very first time.....Dang it was easy peasy, but a little scary at first! Maybe because my friend and I had two going at the same time...mmmm! But this actually was alot of fun...a little long but definetly worth it. We decided we would do this a some more times for our food storage and then every year can like when we make our strawberry freezer jam!!

I know I know...I am definetly in the canning mode! But it's nice to know that I am not the only one! My friend went to 4 Walmarts, Fry's, Sam's, Target and Michaels and they were all OUT of jars...I finally told her to check out Hobby Lobby and she was able to get some. Luckily I had some stored away...relief!

So we just canned chicken breast with different seasonings and the hamburger meat....they WERE pretty, but now the meat looks a little like yucky, but I know it's good..(I just have to remind myself that!) The chicken looks like....well um brain (Sabrina's words!), I just told my kids it was for a future Halloween dinner...hee hee they believed for now) they got all excited!LOL!

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