Friday, October 31, 2008

HALLOWEEN 2008 PART 2 (Food)

I made Chili this morning for a friend's get together before the trick r treating...It is really yummy!!

All you need is: Hamburger meat 3 pounds, a big can of diced tomatoes, a med. can of ranch style beans, a bellpepper chopped up, white onion chopped up, Cilantro ( abunch cut up) and ham chopped up about a cup and 1/2, these spices above ( yes that's menudo mix...I love these spices!) I would say about a tsp of each, lighter if you don't like alot of spice The cornstarch is for after wards if I want it to be thicker.... Put it in your crockpot all day....YUMMY! Halloween cookies...this is the best recipe from Wilton, I double this because I like my sugar cookies thicker!
Wilton Sugar Cookies

1 c. butter, 1 c. sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp coconut extract or almond extract, 2 tsp. baking powder, 3 c. flour.

mix well and roll out on flour surface but not too thick. preheat oven to 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes!

Buttercream Frosting (makes 3 cups)

1/2c. solid vegetable shortening, 1/2 c. butter stick, 1 tsp. coconut or almond extract, 4 c. confectioners sugar, 2 T. milk

I blend well in my kitchenaid for about 5 min and then add my icing colors...This is supposed to look like a light purple....(still trying to figure out Photoshop)

Cookies for Sabrina's class, and the others will be for tonight at my neighbor's!

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