Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today was Cheer and Football picture day for all our kids and it was so fun but SOOO HOT! I think all the kids are so amazing to be able to cheer and play football out in the heat with very minimal complaints....WOW!
The outfits that the girls are wearing are not their actual cheer uniforms as they have not come in yet.....bummer..but they still looked so good and man they knew their cheers! I guess almost every night for 3 weeks of practice paid off....WHEW! This is their first year doing cheer and I thought they would like to have something to do while the boys played football, it's hard work juggling it all but they love it so much!

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gigi said...

You just have the cutest family! Keeping kids busy is hard and fun work! But oh so worth it. You're a cute mom.