Friday, August 15, 2008

These are FUN!!

Sabrina wanted me to do these for her for some of her classes at school. They are super easy to make. And yes that is clear packaging tape....that my husband makes fun of me for always using. I use it everywhere........Jody I am sure you are laughing by now!!!! Anyways I just put the tape on the edges of the notebook just to give it more sturdiness and it looks so clean and store bought!


gigi said...

Those are so cute! Very smart looking!

Christian said...

Did you modge podge first and then put the packing tape on? Those are super cute. Thanks for checking out my blog, and leaving me some comment love! I will be checking back often, you've got some great stuff. I especially liked the birthday party ideas, you really went all out with the details and tying it all together!