Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st year Certification Handout..!

I was asked by one of the YCL's to teach the 1st years (which we only have two!) on preserving and preparing food while at up my alley as I love love LOVE to camp! I had alot of ideas to share...which one of the girls said "I really need you to talk with my mom"...FUNNY!! Sometimes I forget that they are just! Any how had to have a cute handout so I love doing these little survival kits and put together these. The girls loved them! right click on pic and you can see it more close up!


Letti said...

I love your handout that you came up with. You are so clever. The girls are sure lucky to have you.

Holly said...

These are darling! Might have to use this! We have camp coming up quick!

Aranne and Dan said...

Love this idea!! TOO cute. I am camp director this year and I am always on the lookout for new ideas... Might have to "borrow" this one.

Tami said...

Oh my gosh. Your family is SO darling and I love the matching outfits! I could never get my boys to wear pink ties. That's adorable!

I know you found my blog first, but I am glad you did because your post brought me over here. I just love your blog. I'm not a big animal print fan, but I AM a big black and white fan and you may have just talked me into liking zebra print! LOL! You've worked it in everywhere, haven't you? Love it with the pink... and that ruffle and stuff you added to the baby's dress. Amazing. Never would have thought of that!

Well, I'm glad to have met you and I am going to follow!


Amanda and Katie said...

Those survival kits are so cute.

Be sure to stop by our blog. We gave you something lovely!