Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something FUN..!!

I saw these cool feathers over at Hobby Lobby a while back in the colors I am doing my "craft" side of the pantry...remember that? I am almost done with it, just some painting to do and some cute labeling...but had some time on my hands so I decided to make pens...I think they are super sass-ey!

So they match these fabric covered cork board squares I put up....FUN!!
Here is the "food" side of the pantry....thats been done a while now...it's alot of room more than what this pic shows and I LOVE IT!!

This has been the longest project I have ever worked on...besides a nursery...lol! I think it's because nobody sees it....but I will hopefully be done before summer...I know but that gives me awhile..heehee! and time AND money....y'know I am on a budget..lol!


Kristy said...

Those pens are cute! This school year, I got tired of my students swiping my pens, so I made roses out of them with floral tape and silk flowers. The kids LOVE them. Next year I was planning on doing a bright animal print theme, so I will try to make those. =)

Jennifer Hamilton said...

Sooo cute! You are so creative and you have such a beautiful family! I'm seeing your girls' clothes and wishing to have a little girl, but thanking the Lord he gave me a boy because I'd be broke since I can't do anything with sewing, etc! I'd have to buy it all!! You are so blessed with a gorgeous family!! And they are definitly blessed to have a beautiful, creative Mommy!