Thursday, May 7, 2009

May V.T. HaNdOuT...!

Last year a couple of us put these together for our ladies that were special to us for Mother's Day, and I think they are really cute! So I decided to do these and add my favorite conference talk and a yummy fruit salad recipe. I really do love these "survival" kits, you could use them for almost anything, actually next week the Beehives are doing "Finals Survival" kits for the girls in YW, I will post about that soon. I need to finish my Teacher Appreciation gifts, go Visiting Teaching, attend a "Talent" show, and also sometime post some more, I have alot to share the last couple of!


Letti said...

You have the best ideas. I hope you don't mind if I steal this idea from you for my vt. Keep the ideas coming I love em!

Pearl Girl said...

I can always count on you. No pressure though. I do like your handouts the best on the www.

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...