Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April V.T. HaNdOuT..!

This turned out super cute..! These Easter Smores are really We thought we'd do these this month..! I was a little dissappointed in the Easter themed scrapbook paper and could not find one that I liked so I decided to go with this

polka dot paper plus I was excited to find matching egg ribbon...too cute..!


gigi said...

I have't told you lately but you are just the cutest most talented lady ever!! I so enjoy your beautiful pictures of your family and all your really neat handi-work! Just love it!

Kristy said...

How cute!!
Just wondering though, how do you put the ingredients together? Is that graham cracker crumbs inside?
That will definitely be stored in the memory for next year!

Midodi said...

Loved visiting your blog. These smore's look to die for, but I agree, How do you put the ingredients together?