Monday, April 6, 2009

Reverance Tent...!

It was such a wonderful Conference this weekend! I truly enjoy listening and seeking the spirit when I hear the words of our prophet and our other leaders! I feel SOOO overwhelmed with my Heavenly Father's love knowing that he has not left me behind that I have leaders who love me and my family who gives us great counsel so that we might find true eternal happiness!

So as you can see I am all about traditions....and of course starting NEW ones for my family!! I saw this on and thought my kids LOVE making tents so I will try this....and sure enough it was GREAT!! After they were done..(we started a little late) they got thier General Conference Packets out that our wonderful Primary Presidency does every year and they did great!! To be isn't always perfect and my kids sitting there ALL 8 hours WILLINGLY wanting to! But they did good, and every time it just seems to get better...I know that I just always feel so good knowing that Ray and I were obedient in teaching our children to listen to conference. It is HARD work....but the blessings behind it are there...Now and later!

I am grateful for General Conference and the blessings I recieve for truly seeking knowledge on how I can better become like my savior Jesus Christ!

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