Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zebra BLiNg...!

Yesterday I went to this lil' boutique everyone is talkin about....Polka Dot Skull....and oh so cute stuff is in there! I picked up this peace sign charm and made this necklace! I decided to make Bella a bracelet too.. she is at that stage now where I have to take her bracelets off her when I lay her down for naps, otherwise she tries to take them off. However, the girl is trained during the day not to take them!

Anyhow at this place you can bring ANY shirt to them and they bling it out for you for $15 bucks!! I plan on taking a cardinals jersey and a hat there for them to bling out...FUN!! You should see thier cute dog collars...OMGoodness!! and they have a ton of zebra print stuff...!


Mandi said...

Girl that is SO UP YOUR ALLEY! I have never heard of such a store, but a brilliant concept. I can just see you with your blinged out stuff on for a game! I love how Bella always wears her little bracelets and hair bows. She is all girl and as cute as they come!

Ruth Ann said...

Those are sooo cute! Thanks for sharing! I wish I had a little boutique like that in my area!
-Ruth Ann