Thursday, January 15, 2009

Visiting Teaching Organization...!

My friend Jody and I decided that this new year we would get together and put these Visiting Teaching kits together.....It's sooo funny because she was like ...I totally had a dream about these kits and what we could do for the next couple of of course they are all super cute!!..I actually got new sisters to visit too starting this month so I am excited to get to know these ladies on a more personal level!!
I think with this new year...this quote from Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley was just simply be "Better" in all we do....LOVE THAT!!

So this kit is using a cd jewel case. The visiting teaching message is typed up front and back, then we are including a recipe as well every month!

We wanted our ladies to be able to put up the message on the fridge so we made these cute magnets that have a big clip on them from the dollar store....

Inside the cd case Jody made these cute calendars to go with the "New Year" theme so that they could flip the case inside out and be able to switch out the months....FUN!!

Next month we are planning on doing cute cardboard mailboxes from Walmart and making a Valentine themed kit....Every month however will be different.
We also decided we would make ourselves one was fun putting something together for these great ladies and can't wait to get to know them a little bit better!!


Tina said...

I love all the positive stuff you are doing. It really is so encouraging.

Shawnalee said...

That is so adorable. You are very talented. Mine would be nothing like that. You should sell those.

with love, r said...

Hello- You don't know me...I'm not sure how I came across your blog. But I am a convert (as of 2003) and I am TOTALLY loving your ideas. They are an inspiration to me and are helping me learn the insides and outs of all the auxilaries of our church. You seem like a sweet person who goes over and above.
Thanks so much.
Do you have those babysitting ideas in a word file...that you could send me? I was just called to BeeHives and I think this might make a fun project. If worries. Can't hurt to ask.
Thanks again, and I eagerly await your next project. ;)

Tabatha said...

I have no idea how I found your blog, but it's great! These are very pretty and what lucky ladies to have you two as their visiting teachers! You can tell you really care! Beautiful!

Mandi said...

Absolutely LOVE everything about this post. The kits are beautiful and charming and and and I could go on for days! I especially love those magnets! What fonts did you use?

The Sharp Shooter Express said...

Unfortunately for you I am your new visiting teacher and I have to warn you that I don't have anything as adorable as these kits! I think they are awesome! Your sisters are very lucky!
Monica O.

Madison, Avery, Tina, and Alex said...

What cute ideas. You are such an inspiration to me. I'm off to see if the Dollar Stores out here carry those magnet clips...let's hope so. It is even snowing, yet I'm so motivated by you that I'm braving the cold and snow!!!

Dahly Mama said...

Way cool, Nicole!! You overachievers make us underachievers (way down under, I'm talking!)look worse than normal!! haha But I just wondered if you could post the crusty soup bowls again with it on the top so I can see the whole thing to copy down!! Got the soup one!! OR email it to me. Please oh please!!
Love ya!

Missy said...

Found your blog through The Pelkeys Place blog. You have such a fun blog with some great ideas. I love this visiting teaching idea. I might just have to use that. My sistas would love it. I look forward to visiting again.

Jamie said...

I would love to see more fun VT ideas!!