Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Food Storage...dehydration style..!

I love to dehydrate all my herbs so I have them handy when I can't just use fresh..which of course being fresh I would definetly use first. But I have to say this comes second when it comes to flavor! Actually you usually have to use more of the fresh herb than the dehydrated to get a good taste..don't know why though!
Funny story...Ray and I got this little friend for our wedding...and we were both like....UM OKAY!! but somehow through 13 years of marriage, 7 moves, an apartment fire in which we lost everything if not due to the smoke damage...we have managed to save this baby! I guess Heavenly Father knew I would someday make it a part of my life....lol!!
We have done everything in this...my favorite is of course the beef jerky and banana chips...which Bella loves!! So if anyone has some good recipes..PLEASE pass them on!!I took a trip to Superstition Market today for all my fruits and vegies...they had parsley for 5 bunches for 1.00...can't beat that price..so I kept one fresh one and dehydrated the rest!

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Mandi said...

How funny! I have some wedding gifts like that. Years later they are pretty useful, and still new! I just got an herb garden going in my kitchen window. Now you make me want a dehydrator. Yum!