Friday, January 30, 2009

Go CaRdInALs...!!and a glittered project...!!

Today the kids at thier school had "sports" day in honor of our awesome Cardinals going to the Super Bowl...WHEW HEW..! Do I sound like a die hard fan?? Oh come on! Actually it's my husband and two boys who are!! Not really my thang!!
But got the girls these shirts and of course they were just too plain for lil' old me so I blinged them out....but the real fun was getting creative on it because we all know this bird is like huge! and to bling the whole thing would be crazy money and alot of time, which I have neither, SO
I tested a small piece of fabric got out a small paint brush and my E-6000, brushed on the glue and then used my red glitter....YES GLITTER! tapped it, let it dry and then ran it under water, rubbed it, tugged at it, scraped it just to see if the glitter would come off...YEAH it didn't! Could you just imagine how excited I was???
I AM GOING TO GLITTER EVERYTHING!! (fabric that is...heehee)

forgot to mention I did not go to that cute boutique....didn't have time....! but a friend did and her cardinal shirts looked cute!!


Mandi said...

E-6000? I am gonna have to find out about this. Sounds very promising. LOVE the way the shirts turned out, and your kids must've been the cutest ones in all of AZ to be all blinged out! What a cool Mom!

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

Girl, all I have to say is, "Let's go STEELERS!" :) lol, cute clothes- I've got somethin Im cookin up for my lil peanut too!