Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My buelly...Colton!

Today I wanted to post about Colton! Can I just say there are not enough words to describe my buelly! The moment he came into my arms I fell in love with him and especially his little dimpled ear! As a baby he was very very good and man could he eat! and then some!! By the time he was around 15 mos. he would not let me out of his site. Every pic I have of him he is crying because I wasn't holding him or even if I was holding him he still cried. Is there such a thing as colic at this age? .....mmmm....! Now he is my energetic bullet that never ends! He loves to be in the limelight and wants to be an actor or singer....which he does good at both, he is very creative! He made me giggle and sigh and cry all at the same time when I saw the binder he made. Notice the cover page and the paper strips taped on in the inside....these are labels! How adorable is that....I guess he takes after his binder obsessed mom! I love you buddy, you are the best!

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Kellee said...

We love you Colton! What a cute baby!!!

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