Monday, July 21, 2008


We are back.... and it was soo much fun! Yes we did get rained on for about an hour on Sat. and WOW... did it thunder like crazy! The kids were in one tent and the adults in the other, we just played card games! I learned a new game (thanks Robert!) and it was so much fun. We went to the lake and swam and fished, but later found out the kids were not aloud to swim....OOPS! Sabrina and R.J. were a little scared about getting in, but the other kids did great! The first night was movie night, we watched Spaceballs. The second night was family skit/talent night. Everyone did so good and were so super funny! The campsite was awesome, it was like our own little neighborhood there. Both of us (Johnston family) bought new tents at Sam's that have a little porch in the front. This came in so handy! Especially with the rain!LOL! Bella did so good, and slept great for me so then I was able to sleep better! It was cold on Sat. and Sunday so we didn't do ice cream or slushies (pampered chef). The kids were bummed about that.....but I told them next time!

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SHERI said...

Looks like fun. We love camping- especially when it rains up in the pines!